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Luan's Pokemon by magmon47 Luan's Pokemon by magmon47
1. Azumarill
2. Galvantula
3. Mr. Mime
4. Ludicolo
5. Slurpuff
6. Popplio
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DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Student General Artist
Popplio- While performing comedy for the Royal Woods Battle Royale, she got the attention of Professor Kukui, Hau and Hala who were visiting the area on vacation. Overhearing Luan's desire to have a pokemon of her own, Kukui and Hala decided to give her one (Hala always carries some in case of recruiting potential trainers and Island Champions) and she chose Popplio due to its silly behavior and cute appearance. Popplio tends to goof around but is capable of holding its own in battle. However, Kukui offers Luan a chance to visit and explore Alola whenever she can. And this will eventually be something for her and her siblings to do...

Mr. Mime- While working on her mime skills for a new comedy bit, she got the attention of a Mr. Mime who unintentionally caused the two to do a mime routine that gave Luan the idea to do. After a successful comedy night, Luan decided to keep Mr. Mime as one of her partners.

Azumarill- While in Hoenn, Luam received an egg which hatched into an Azurill. At first, Azurill was a crybaby that was easily offended by anything Luan did or said to it. But after a moment where Luan felt like a failure for making it happy, Azurill warmed up to her and eventually smiled and laugh at her jokes. As time went on, Azurill fully evolved and became one of Luan's slapstick partners.

Ludicolo- Deciding to add some dance and dynamic movement into her comedy, Luan decided to aim for a Ludicolo on her team. While she came across one, it acted as a temporary member, deciding to be a teacher to her and her team. It warmed up to Luan and decided to stay with her and become part of her crew. Its Rain Dance not only works for her comedy routines but in battle, it becomes faster and enhances its Water moves. Ludicolo is arguably Luan's strongest Pokemon.

Slurpuff- On April Fool's day, Luan was preparing her onslaught of pranks but unfortunately, Slurpuff appeared and made every Loud including Luan miserable that day. In order to stop it, Luan teamed up with her siblings, whom she tormented every AF, and eventually managed to capture it. Slurpuff quickly grew to love her and often helped her in making pastries for her jokes.

Galvantula- On day in Royal Woods, a wild Joltik was capturing strangers and sticking them into its webs. Luan was one of the victims but she managed to break free, rescue the captives and capture it. Joltik was a fast and powerful Pokemon and when it evolved, it barely changed although Galvantula does play a part in Luan's pranks and tends to go too far at times...
Harriet546 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
I like the Pokémon that fit Luan's style and comedian self, which could make it a great team to help Luan in her performances in comedy clubs, Talent shows and even birthday parties. Luan may do fine in the Pokémon League (Indigo Plateau) especially with Ludicolo, but however in one of the rounds against Lincoln, Lincoln's Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Kingler make big work out of Popplio, Ludicolo and Garvantula, earing Lincoln another shot in the finals.
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student General Artist
I can see Luan putting up a good fight if she was in the same Pokemon League as her brother and sisters.
SofiaTheWarrior Featured By Owner May 20, 2016
I need mr mine to trade winona's tropius
Flutterbunny76 Featured By Owner May 18, 2016
Popplio and Mr. Mime I understand. I think Spinarak should replace Galvantula. Seel is a bit of a stretch, since Popplio is a better fit.
Slurpuff and Lickilicky I don't get.
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May 18, 2016
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