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Luan's Alola Pokemon by magmon47 Luan's Alola Pokemon by magmon47
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017  Student General Artist
Primarina- Unlike most of her siblings, Luan decided to bring one of her Pokemon on vacation. For her it was Popplio and when she decided to take part in the Island Challenge, Popplio slowly evolved into a different Pokemon altogether. As a Brionne, it lost some interest in comedy and wanted to perform as a singer. And when it evolved into Primarina, she decided to ditch Luan and follow her own goal as a performer, even went as far as trying to Luna's music goal after Primarina went nowhere. She eventually found Luan and made amends with her. After an incident with Team Skull, she was able to use a Special Z Move only it could use, Oceanic Operetta (thanks to it learning Sparkling Aria when she and Luan fought some grunts)

Drifblim- As a Drifloon, it kidnapped Luan and a bunch of other trainers but with the help of Popplio, she was able to stop it and capture it. Luan initially wanted to use it to move around quickly but was forbidden by Alolan Officers to use non-Ride Pokemon to travel. While that opportunity flew away (Get it?), she was still able to use the Z Move Never Ending Nightmare for her trials and battles.

Ambipom- Scanning for Pokemon in Lush Jungle, Luan found an Aipom with Covet. This Aipom was stealing various things including Luan's flower. Eventually, Luna and Luan managed to help recover those items but Luan decided to capture it considering how enjoyable it was. When it evolved, it became both powerful and comedic especially with its Breakneck Blitz.

Bruxish- As Luan went fishing in the Secluded Shore, she caught a Bruxish that at first proved to be hazardous to her since it kept trying to bite her and stun her with its psychic powers. But thanks to some of her pranking tools, she was able to stop it and win its heart. Bruxish is able to pull of the move Shattered Psyche with its Psychium Z.

Maractus- Luan, while scanning the Haina Desert, found a Maractus with the power to Bounce. Due to the sandstorm and Maractus constantly bouncing, Luan had a harsh time trying to capture it. However, thanks to Primarina, Luan was able to stop its bouncing and captured it! Maractus is capable of using Bloom Doom which proved to be usefu against the Totems, Kahunas and Loud siblings.

Goodra- While exploring Exeggutor Island, she encountered an injured Sliggoo in the rain. After getting it to safety, both were attacked by Alolan Exeggutor but due to the harsh rain, Sliggoo evolved into Goodra and despite it being a wild Pokemon, Luan was able to pull off a Z Move with it, Devastating Drake. Afterwards, Goodra and its slimy body joined her team and challenge run.
Harriet546 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
Good describing. How surprised would she be if she and her others sisters saw Lincoln on T.V. and saw him beat Drake at the Orange League Gym? And how would she respond hearing that Lincoln beat Pryce and his Piloswine?
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017  Student General Artist
Again, she'd be impressed with his skills but she'd make some puns involving Drake's pokemon throughout the battle.

Same goes for Pryce.
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