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Lisa's Legendary Pokemon by magmon47 Lisa's Legendary Pokemon by magmon47
Lisa Loud with Registeel and Magerna

Note: This was a really hard. Cause you also got Genesect and Dialga.
ItsAllPossible Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
Hella Badass pic! ;-) 
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Registeel- After an unusual earthquake occured in Hoenn, Lisa investigated the cause of this and discovered that three areas contained unusual ruins. As she entered the Ancient Tomb, located between Fortree and Lilycove, she awoken the metal titan, Registeel. Despite her intelligence, she was easily overpowered and made a strategic withdrawl. With the aid of Lincoln, she managed to capture the pokemon and kept it secure for further analysis. When she and her siblings reunited at Snowpoint, the owners of the Regis reawakened the craftsman golem and lost control of them. Lisa managed to regain control over her Regi but ultimately decided to release it to let it look after Regigigas. However, if it's ever around, Lisa is capable of regaining control over it thanks to her research.

Magearna- While in Hau'oli Mall, Lisa found a rare pokeball antique that was surprising the mythical Pokemon known as Magearna. As she dove into the lore of this mechanical marvel made by mankind, she was attacked by a mad man who wanted the Soul-Heart from Magearna. While the rest of the Louds arrived in time to fight back, Lisa's Rowlet was badly injured but Magearna's power saved it time. Realizing how powerful yet beneficial it was, she left in Hau'oli so that it can help out Pokemon in need but stay safe from anyone that may cause it harm including herself as a girl of science until she can figure out a way to revolutionize its power with no issues whatsoever.
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