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Leni's Alola Pokemon by magmon47 Leni's Alola Pokemon by magmon47
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Student General Artist
Florges- While at the Pokemon School, Leni was given an egg containing a non native Pokemon. It hatched into a Flabebe that had the ability to change its type depending on its surroundings. It proved to be a powerful member and as it grew, Florges was her star member during her trials. It wears a scarf as part of her friendship with Leni.

Comfey- During her stay in Lush Jungle, a wild Comfey landed on her head. Despite it being stuck on Leni's head, the two developed a bond as well as an attractive scent. It also helped Leni out on her battling skills and eventually got off when she pulled off a Z-Move with a wild Comfey. Afterwards, Leni captured Comfey and was often used to help her relax and think. It wears miniature shades.

Bewear- While exploring the outskirts of Akala, Leni captured a Stufful but her siblings were terrified of it due to its power and evolution. When it finally evolved, the Louds tried their best to seperate Leni and Bewear in order to prevent Bewear from hurting anyone including Leni from its arms. Eventually, Leni stopped this nonsense and was shown to be almost immune to Bewear's strength although it's still strong enough to unleash a Breakneck Blitz. Bewear wears a stylish outfit as part of their friendship.

Froslass- Leni took a break at Tapu Village and found a female Snorunt holding a Dawn Stone yet was unable to evolve. With the aid of Lori and Lincoln, Leni was able to help out Snorunt and get it to evolve. Shortly, Froslass decided to follow Leni and managed to use the Subzero Slammer move when the two headed for the Alola League. Froslass is a threat during a blizzard and wears a bow that Leni had as a kid.

Lapras- Once a ride Pokemon, Lapras was retired from its services and resided in Seafolk Village. It bumped into Leni when she was looking for berries in the Poni Wilds. When Leni lost her sunglasses , the two worked together to search for it in the seas. After regaining them, Lapras decided to stay with her and was capable of using Hydro Vortex. It wears a stylish hat whenever it appears.

Oricorio- Near the Resolution Cave, there were Oricorio practicing the style of Sensu. Leni wanted to have one of her own much like few of her sisters have. However, these Oricorio were dangerous due to their ghostly style and managed to easily defeat most of Leni's team. But Leni ultimately won by just chucking a Pokeball at it. Oricorio wears a necklace whenever it appears and is able to use Supersonic Skystrike.
Harriet546 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
Nice job with Leni. What would her response be either seeing Gym Leader Jasmine's fashion sense or that Lincoln already beat Jasmine and her Steelix for his sixth Johto League Gym Badge?
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017  Student General Artist
With Jasmine, I would prefer Leni decided to help pick out a better outfit for her while a few of her siblings went out to get the medicine for Amphy. It's not bad but but she'd look better in her HGSS attire.
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