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Cylde's Pokemon by magmon47 Cylde's Pokemon by magmon47
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DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2017  Student General Artist
Chespin- Clyde was given a Chespin on his tenth birthday from his fathers. However, Chespin isn't much of fighter as it usually tends to faint or run around the field. But there are moments where it is capable of unleashing great power. Despite this, Clyde still cares about Chespin and vice versa as the two one day will overcome Chespin's short comings.

Geodude- While trying to train Chespin on its battling skills, the two disturbed a resting Geodude. As Chespin kept refusing to fight, Geodude went on a rampage until Chespin managed to gather the spirit to fight and took down the Geodude. Seizing the opportunity, Clyde captured the Geodude and gained a training partner for Chespin.

Growlethe- When Clyde was stranded in a mansion, he was surrounded by wild Growlethe that were playing a tough game involving him. While Lincoln and Lori were on their way to rescue him, Clyde had to endure dealing with the pokemon until help arrived. However, the leader had to taken down with the help of Lincoln and Lori but Clyde took the opportunity to capture it after realizing how good it was.

Sliggoo- As a Goomy, Clyde's parents discovered it in their backyard injured. As they took care of it, they offered it a home and quickly grew fond of it. Goomy however, is overprotective of the two and would even attack others including Clyde if it felt that they were in danger. However, when Clyde saved its life when it was injured by an aggressive Clefable. When it fought back, it evolved, won and decided to join Clyde.

Riolu- When Clyde visited Pokestar Studios, he took on the role of Riolu Kid when one of the actors was unable to act. While he had trouble with his role, his co-star Riolu also had issues since it's incapable of using moves for the big screen. But when the original Riolu Kid actor was revealed to be kidnapped, Clyde, Riolu and Brycen team up to save the day as Riolu gains the power to use its moves again. After the rescue, Clyde resigns from his role along with Riolu who decides to stay with Clyde. 

Dewpider- While visiting Brooklet Hill in Alola with his dads, the three encounted a horde of Dewpider near the lake. As Clyde spent the day with the Pokemon, they were attacked by the Totem Pokemon of Brooklet, Wishiwashi. After protecting one of the Dewpiders, Clyde defeated the totem Pokemon and saved the hill full of Pokemon. However the Dewpider that Clyde saved, decided to join the young trainer. While its strengths are unknown, it will one day help the young McBride.
Harriet546 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017
Nice job, dude. When are you gonna do Lynn Sr. and Rita?
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017  Student General Artist
Harriet546 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
How would Clyde feel and react to Lincoln's victory at the Orange League Gym on T.V.?
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017  Student General Artist
He'd be incredibly happy for his friend who won the League.
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