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The Adoption Center is where new members of the Rixixi group can adopt their first Rixixi for free! It's also where members can drop off genos that they don't have a plan for, and other members can adopt the donated genos!

Freebies for Newbies

Starter genos for new players will always have three common genes and one uncommon gene, and a completely randomized base coat, as well as a small lineage consisting of two Rixixi! They will always be Standard Rixixi! As they are free, we ask that you do not sell them for IRL currency, though you may trade and gift them at your leisure if you wish. Be careful with this decision, however, as you can only adopt a free randomized geno once, even if you gift your freebie away!

To adopt your free starter geno, please reply to this comment! Please be aware that you must not own any other Rixixi genos or imports to do so!

Center for Rehoming

Check here to see what Rixixi are in the Adoption Center waiting for new homes!
(Rixixi marked "Beta Test Donation" are perfectly fine for adoption and are only marked as such for recordkeeping, don't worry! It marks them as donated by an admin before the Adoption Center's update!)

If you'd like to adopt a Rixixi from the Center, great! Reply to this comment with the AC ID of your desired geno!

Keep in mind that you may only adopt one geno from the center per month!
The Rehoming portion of the Adoption Center doesn't have a permanent cutoff like the Newbie Starter Geno, but it does have a time-based restriction as a balance! If the genos in the Adoption Center become overpopulated, this may be rebalanced!


Currently available: Nothing at the moment! The link is here for next time!
You can only adopt one special geno per month, but they do not count against your regular adoptions per month! They do count as genos you own if you're a newbie, so make sure to drop off a newbie geno comment first if you want one!
Reply to the regular Center for Rehoming comment with the AC ID of your desired geno to get one of these!


Have a geno that you don't have a plan for and don't feel like selling or trading? You can drop them off here for a gift basket of items and some store credit!

When you turn in a geno, you get:

10 Festival Currency of the current season
4 randomized common-uncommon non-contraband crafting items (One of the items will be a stack of 5)
And Adoption Credits:
For each geno traded in
If the geno has a rare gene, combination mutation, or is a subspecies
: 3x Adoption Credits
If the geno has an uncommon gene/mutation (and no rares/combos)
: 2x Adoption Credits
If the geno has only common genes/mutations
: 1x Adoption Credit
(These are per geno, not per gene - don't worry, the buyables are priced to match this!)

Check out Adoption Credit Rewards to see what you can get with your Credits!

Please include this form in the comments:
Proof of Ownership: [Breeding or otherwise]
Geno/Pheno: [With number if breeding or otherwise relevant]
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REPLY HERE to drop off a geno to the Adoption Center!

Proof of Ownership: [Breeding or otherwise]
Geno/Pheno: [With number if breeding or otherwise relevant]