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Roy G Biv 0184



Name: Roy G Biv
Nickname(s): Roy, Big G
ID: 0184
Owner: magmatixi
Species: Rixixi
Height: 7'5"
Weight: 550lbs
Genotype: aa/Bb/dd/Oo/nHz/nGr/nIri/nAc/nPtd/nEye+X-FeaT/X-PhoeT
Phenotype: Seaglass with Horizon, Gradient, Iridescent, Accents, Painted, and Eyespots
Mutations: Feathered Tail, Phoenix Trails
Element: Life
Radiation Level: Raging
Power: Omnipotent

Stats: HP: 2000 || Attack: 400 || Defense: 400 || Special: 400 || Speed: 400
Conditions: None

Personality: Loudly and aggressively supports you and wants you to know that you're valid and good. Positive and optimistic. Will be your family if your family doesn't support you. Will be your best friend. Will be some Ixi who helps you dial a phone call because you're nervous, or brings you soup when you're not feeling well.

Loves Pride Month and uses it as an excuse to spread the message of self-love and acceptance even more than usual.
Pronouns: They / Any neutral / She and He okay

Design note: Please feel free to swap out identity flags on their tats as desired in art, especially to include your own! I couldn't include everything on there due to "canvas" space!

-2x Cosmetics: Pride Flag Tattoos

------------------------------------------ GGG: Unknown
----------------- GG: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR: Unknown
Giver: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GRG: Unknown
----------------- GR: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GRR: Unknown
------------------------------------------ RGG: Unknown
----------------- RG: Unknown
------------------------------------------ RGR: Unknown
Receiver: Unknown
------------------------------------------ RRG: Unknown
----------------- RR: Unknown
------------------------------------------ RRR: Unknown

Design by: Anarchisme, with design ideas from Saphira455
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