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Fang 0006



Name: Fang
Nickname(s): The Face-Eater, Killer's King
ID: 0006
Owner: magmatixi
Species: Rixixi
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 550lbs
Genotype: Aa/Bb/dd/oo/nSpc/nHd/nPng/nUn+Tox/Fshr
Phenotype: Spectacled Plum with Hood, Pangare, and Unders
Mutations: Toxic, Fogshard
Element: Poison
Radiation Level: Raging
Power: Omnipotent

Stats: HP: 2000 || Attack: 400 || Defense: 400 || Special: 400 || Speed: 400
Conditions: None

Personality: Leader of a willingly self-contained Ring made up entirely by Rixixi with the Toxic mutation, and other similar 'biohazard' mutations that might pose a hazard to others. Depite their intimidating nicknames, they are a kind and jovial leader.
Pronouns: They, any neutral / He

Tunneldrake - Fogborne: This companion guarantees its companion Rixixi will never roll fewer than 2 items in Mining and Hunting (OVERRIDES Radiation Sickness if present!), and in those two activities will also bring back one bonus item!

------------------------------------------ GGG: Unknown
----------------- GG: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GGR: Unknown
Giver: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GRG: Unknown
----------------- GR: Unknown
------------------------------------------ GRR: Unknown
------------------------------------------ RGG: Unknown
----------------- RG: Unknown
------------------------------------------ RGR: Unknown
Reciever: Unknown
------------------------------------------ RRG: Unknown
----------------- RR: Unknown
------------------------------------------ RRR: Unknown

Design by: Anarchisme
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