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Due to the masterlist being uploaded at the Chasmhome Lorekeeper, the stats and other details in the profiles here will no longer be updated. This will, however, still be a functional mirror for the images and genes of these Rixixi.

SPRING FESTIVAL! The dwarf Primal lounged in the field, rolling side to side in contentment. Flowers bloomed all around her, wafting sweet scents up into the air. The mix of sunlight and a fresh spring breeze brushed just right over her scaled nostrils, causing the small Primal to sneeze. The Rixixi sat upright, cleaning her face off, as a shadow encroached on her personal space. Another Rixixi stood over her, almost looming due to her diminuitive stature and the other's status as a walking tree. "Hey, Serri, didn't see you there," Shasta mlemmed her paw and rubbed it against her face, cleaning a speck of dirt from a scaly eye ridge. "What's shakin'?" Serritana chuckled, shaking her head. "I thought you were heading out here to collect and deliver flowers for me, but you seem to be lounging by yourself." "Oh!" The dwarf said, as if finally remembering what she was doing. "Serri, baby, there's flowers all around, take a look! Look at these sweet little daisies, come here. Aren't
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WINTER FESTIVAL! A strange cold wind blew over the desert, preceding a shadow gliding over the dunes. Slow wingbeats thumped down through the sky as Chione made her way across the northern hemisphere of Sxriix, following in Enneriix's footsteps to bring winter - and what she had heard of winter was cold and white. Frosted crystals sprinkled down from the Dwarf Primal's wings, melting in midair before they reached the sand, but still baffling the creatures below and the air itself. Chione smiled and darted towards the nearby town. Surely they would be happy to see snow. Maybe some of them had never seen it before. She stopped in midair against her will, something grasping at the nape of her neck. Wings fluttering like a hummingbird, arms going every which way, Chione twisted and wriggled until she could finally see... Enneriix itself, looking at her with a sigh plastered across its face. A deep voice rang out from the Ixi. "Stop. Freezing. The desert." EVENTS: The events have
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FALL FESTIVAL! "I'm surprised you celebrate the human way," Uuner creaked down at the dwarf primal. "Nonsense," Ekin spoke with one hand on their chin, pondering. "Humans, of course not. Just a moment, though." The dwarf primal pressed both front paws to the sides of a massive pumpkin, the color of their fur almost matching the rind of the gourd. As their paws began glowing, a vine grew out from where it once was lopped off at the stem. The vine wrapped itself around the pumpkin, entwining itself in spirals around the globular fruit. Finally, the vine neatly tucked itself away underneath the pumpkin, and the glow faded away. Taking a deep breath as they released their paws, Ekin pulled a large knife out from under the table. "I celebrate my way," The dwarf primal drawled with a smile, and sunk the knife into the pumpkin. EVENTS: The events have been MOVED to the Chasmhome Lorekeeper, to make it easier to keep track of them! You can still enter them as many times as you want
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Hello, there! I've come from a land afar to wish you a lovely day or good night, wherever you are on the globe. I hope you are having a great April so far. Thank you for being you!