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Only Human

At first glance, this is just another illustration lamenting the state of plastic on the Earth and in the ocean. It can be, but that is not the entire point.

I have noticed a minor trend on deviantart and other places, a sentiment I don’t agree with. People are calling humanity evil and selfish because of the pollution and the waste.

I’m not going to go over who is contributing the most waste, because the world economy is a single organism as far as I’m concerned. Whether it’s the corporations, the development of third world countries, poverty and lack of education, it’s all connected. Yes, selfishness and greed take part, but that’s not the whole picture.

Humanity, for the most part, is made up of hard working individuals who just want to experience the best life for themselves and their families. The environment is in crisis, but it is an accident created from lack of knowledge, not a deplorable sin.

People don’t take action because they don’t know how much power they have. They don’t know, because many feel powerless in their lives and in the world.

It’s easy (and IMO lazy) to condemn and judge instead of having compassion and showing support. Condemnation can only go so far. Encouragement paves the way to true innovation and solutions to our problems.

Pro-environment does not have to be anti-human.


Someday I'll be heard
But for now, that's only in my imagination.

I often fantasize about what it would be heard on a massive scale. It's funny how I go on twitter and just leave a tiny little tweet on some huge controversy. What would it be like to have a verification checkmark, and everything you say floods the airwaves. Maybe I'd actually make a difference. Who knows.

But anyway, more microphones, a little more rainbow color. 

I'm really trying to put the way I feel into a more illustrative framework. Hopefully I'll get better.
I'm still feeling out the waters of the whole social media commentary thing and I don't know what else I have to say, or what else I can express with art, and how. I was very surprised by the amount of feedback I got on my last two pictures, and now...I still feel like I can't make my voice big enough to make a difference, ya know? I don't have any genius illustration ideas, but I can at least draw what's in my head, and that's this.

Oh, and color. If you've been watching me, you probably know I don't step into vibrant color a lot. So this is very different for me lately.

I'm going to put this under political just because of the recent undertone of social media censorship that I have been exploring with my past few deviations. Check out my 3 previous works if you wanna hear about all the recent drama......
Thank you for your Feedback
This is another iteration of the theme Ive been exploring ever since I got banned from Instagram, for everyone who has been unfairly censored. They banned my business, shadow-banned my personal account, and disabled my app from logging in as anyone. Perhaps this is just another first world problem, but it really got me thinking about the implications of censorship and banishment on social media. How big a part of our lives are these companies that decide what is to be discussed and shared and what is to be suppressed. How important is the spread of information on them, how integral are they to world-wide communication.

As private companies, they own our voices online.

Recently I watched a very important podcast on the matter. Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, and two Twitter executives.…

"Thank you for your feedback" comes from what Vijaya (Twitter lawyer) curtly responds to Tim after he brings up major flaws in the system. It's a non-response, dismissive and automation-like. It's the response you get when you want to voice a serious complaint but you know it'll just get lost up the chain.

There is a real problem of one-sided censorship in social media, and a lot of people keep calling for more control and policing. I just hope America doesn't go the way China has, that would be a nightmare.  
The Gatekeepers of Expression
This is a second attempt at a very quick and messy illustration from before.

From my post (from Facebook, ironically):
"I usually don't do political illustrations, but I had to do this one. It's not about how people do too much social media. It's about how a few private corporations have a monopoly on speech, currency, and basically all online activity. They have the power to silence you on a whim. Your voice is not yours, it is owned by these corporations."

Recently instagram banned my business because the product was a legal herbal supplement called Kratom. I also criticized the FDA. But not only did instagram ban my business, they went after my personal account, and disabled my app completely. Yes, they have the power to shut down your app entirely.

I'm ashamed to say I didn't care enough until it started happening to me. I became aware of how dependent I am on these platforms for communication, exposure, and expression. It's scary to me that they can arbitrarily shut you down. I know with twitter and patreon, it happens to a lot of conservatives unfairly. I may not agree with their ideas, but I am absolutely for their right to expression.

But of course, with private companies, there are no such thing as rights, since they own the platform. You use them everyday to get your ideas out, participate in activism, let your voice be heard. All the while, they own it all. They can decide what is said, and under the guise of safety, censor what they will.

I'll also add VISA MASTERCARD and PAYPAL to the companies that have a monopoly on currency, yet they prohibit a legal supplement from being bought and sold with their cards/platform. It's so frustrating how monopolies slowly inch their way into prohibition and control and no one really cares. As long as you play it safe, it won't matter to you.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

(and yes, I recycled the face from my last submission...sue me.)


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Your style is really lovely.. here's a watch. :)
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Sorry to hear that you were banned for being you..... In my youth 4th grade the saying was "be yourself"
then "Night Ryder" came along saying (one man can make a difference) all bull shit you need to be a sterile little box to fit in with the rest of the carbon copies.
I hate yes HATE the population of the planet, and if I could....I would obliterate every one, spare no one. But I hate people with the furry of a trillion suns going nova.
TrashBin666 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2019
wow! your art is really beautiful! your art has such a nice calm feeling to it and i love it! every time i look at your art i will never stop being amazed by your artwork! the amount of detail you put in your art is amazing and i hope you never stop! i truly do love our artwork, its so beautiful, there truly are no words to describe how much i love your artwork! 
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Heya, I'm a bit late but I wanted to thank you for watching me. Your art is really beautiful and I love your style.
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Your art is so powerful and inspiring omg
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Be confident of your skills,don't ever give up on anything.Fight for what you believe in! Don't let others decide your path for you.And always love yourself.
Get up if you fall and try it again if you failed!:iconallrightplz:
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