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The Hunger Games- Cinna



In our reading/language class we had to read the book "The Hunger Games." I have to say, for all it's worth, it's not a bad book. I decided to read the rest of the series. It was that good.

The second book "catching Fire" was especially good. There are a lot of new characters introduced and the plot is involved and full of raw emotion. Though, out of all the characters in the entire series, I'm partial to the Capitol stylist Cinna. He was such a wonderful character, and in a way, reminded me of myself. I guess it's his line, "This is what I find my joy in. I pour all my emotions into my art, that way I don't hurt anyone but myself."

Touching isn't it?

I listened to this song as I was drawing this [link] I kind of think of it as his theme song.
I also drew this on my new program. It takes quite a bit longer but I really like it.

I hope you guys like this!
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I love this picture. ^^ This is very similar to how I think of him!