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Pinkie in Gala dress

By Magister39
MLP FiM © :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:


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© 2015 - 2021 Magister39
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Is it ok if I use this vector of Pinkie for my Eric Sparkle story on FimFiction?

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Good work on this
Hepoxni's avatar… here is one of my oc's in her gala dress and it's based off of pinkie pie's second gala dress
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She's beautiful.
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Why do I get the feeling that the yellow part of her dress looks like cheese?
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thanks so much for making these. i'm making a cosplay for trotcon and i'm deciding on an outfit.
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She looks pretty in her new gala dress.
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I think this better than the old gala dress that she wore in the Season 1 finale.
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This whole gala episoe sure brought back memories from the first gala, which was the last episode of the first season, and we're already in season 5!
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A newer version of Pinkie's Gala Dress. Even more sweeter then the last! :) :D
I hope you make a vector of Rainbow Dash in her gala outfit next she's so cute in that Gala outfit in make new friends but keep discord and she's my favorite character and she has my favorite outfits out of all the main 6's outfits in that great episode and in other episodes
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Somebody already done it.
well I mean more poses of Dashie in her gala dress
awww Pinkie is so cute
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I will say that the only one who's original Gala dress was better was Dash. And Rarity's to a lesser extant.
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I enjoyed this more than the previous.
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