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MLP FiM © :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:


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I see. So she's the one that had twilight not invited to the first pony.
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When I first saw Moondancer,
my first thought was "Seriously? A twilight recolor?"
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I'll never understand why I like her so much more than Twilight considering they are basically the same character. But I won't fight it.

Moondancer is now in best pony list.
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Twi is better and they have a big difference
MrSeyker's avatar
Nah, Moondancer is best.
angelstar063's avatar
hahah nah :)
she just cry about her birthday when twi didn't never had one!
MrSeyker's avatar
You're not gonna change my mind. Moondancer is best the better book poni.
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because of your stupidity ^^ you're unreasonable
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This is why the mlp fandom is shit.
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Umm...Their allowed to have opinions.....
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Yeah but not the "best pony" thing to a casual pony -_-
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Hey, I'd like to use this in the revised title screen of the Super Pony All-stars ponification.
SMB1 and The Lost Levels are finally good to go. The title screen and the game-select screen took the longest to ponify. Both images utilized an older hold-and-modify to get 256 colors out of 16-color sprite layers. (It's complicated and took WAY long to figure out.)…
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