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Celestia's Party

By Magister39
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MLP FiM ©Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Made in Inkscape
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did she kill everypony and take their manes?
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From the other drawing with the same theme, some with the Mare on the Moon again on the Moon. In my interpretation of the series of drawings, I surmised Luna once again became Nightmare Moon. This time things went to heck real bad, there was probably a cataclysmic battle between Celestia and Nightmare Moon, which resulted with the annihilation of the pony race, and for all intent and purpose; from one picture where Celestia is recreating the wedding of Shining Armour & Cadence. So did the Changelings.

The result is that Luna was again banished to the Moon, leaving Celestia all isolated and alone in the world. Since she is immortal, she will always be the last of her kind. And that knowledge drives Celestia into madness, her mind trying to escape the cruel reality of her eternal solitude...Smoking

I got serious there!:D (Big Grin) 
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At least now we know she's turning them into alicorns so they can go insane together
Michael-TheFox's avatar
Celestia: Thank you all so much for coming to my birthday party it really means soooo much to me that you all truly love me.

Celestia imitating Twilight Sparkle: I wouldn't miss this party for the world princess. *Twitch*

Celestia imitating Rainbow Dash: This is one party thats beyond 20% cooler. *Twitch*

Celestia: Why thank you Rainbow Dash.

Celestia imitating Rarity: I am having a marvelous time as well. *Twitch*

Celestia imitating Fluttershy: Um... may I please have some more cake?...if it's alright with you.

Celestia: Anything for you Fluttershy. *Moves a plate with a cake slice to the bonsai tree.*

Celestia imitating Pinkie Pie: This is the bestest and funnest party I've ever been to EVER!!! *Twitch*

Celestia: I'm glade you're enjoying yourself Pinkie.

Celestia imitating Applejack: We well always be here for ya princess Celestia. *Twitch*

All objects: Yes we will always be with you princess, forever and ever, and ever, and ever...

Celestia just sits there smiling and occasionally twitching.
So what the back story, did something happen and she lost everyone and the only one left?
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There is no back story. Read comments below. People already created better back stories. Apocalypse, mental illness, Discord. What do you prefer.
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"It is 1000 years later and the mane six have all passed"

There. now it's sad, not disturbing :P
SALT--WATER's avatar
I don't know if this is meant to be disturbing XD
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"Or live long enough to see yourself made the villain..."
Deer-Hunter01's avatar
Madness has griped her wonderful mind. Years of carefully nurtured wisdom & knowledge gone, sundered by madness. But in a way, she is happy as her minds sinks deeper into blissful madness...
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Fluttershy finally became a tree :iconlolmemeplz:
PonyMoog203A's avatar
Party of one princess :D
FizzBuzz3456's avatar
...She's lost it..... I sometimes imagine sitting with my six very good friends when I'm lonely.... we're all mad here!! Woohooooo! 
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"Mad as a Hatter."
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i dont know what celestia eat, but i want two!! nice job 
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Ok, since when did Celestia become Pinkamina?
makarosc's avatar
It started when the mane 6 died and got worse from there
EvaBronyLoveArt's avatar
wrongg she became crazy twilight xD :iconcrazytwilightplz:
20thX5150's avatar
Is she gonna drink that?
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There are no words to describe how much I love this picture. I already love the Party of One episode, and now that you have done it with Celestia, it's especially awesome.
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Pinkie Has gotten into you, hasn't she?
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Blacklight: oh no *slowly walks to her* mom you ok or do I have to get a hug me jacket?
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