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Tileset ver.3 [Free*]
By Magiscarf   |   Watch
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Published: July 4, 2017
*Free for use and editing for NON COMMERCIAL PURPOSES ONLY. As long as you're not trying to make money from it do whatever you'd like.

- - - - - - - - -

This isn't really finished, but it was taking too long and I just want to put it up now and take a break from it.

Made with paint and photoshop.

Each tile is 16x16 pixels. If you're having trouble with the size or your game making program I don't know how to help you, sorry.

- - - - - - - -

My previous compilations are here:… and here:… Some tiles have been changed from previous versions.

If you see any errors (besides scale inconsistency) please let me know.

Apologies for the large file size.
Image size
1920x3360px 1.82 MB
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nf4lifeProfessional Digital Artist
So if I want to make a game to add in Google app of coraz we'll be free download bot it well got ad is it OK or
Magiscarf's avatar
I don't like ads and I don't want my tiles used in games that have ads, even if they're free to play games otherwise.
StarryKnight95's avatar
StarryKnight95New Deviant

The sheet is amazing, would you happen to have the rest of the auto tiles for it though? Been trying to find the flower ones in particular, nowhere seems to have them

Magiscarf's avatar
These are my own created tiles, not rips from games.
StarryKnight95's avatar
StarryKnight95New Deviant

Alright thanks

LGKayaus's avatar
LGKayausNew Deviant

Welp.. looks like its time to back in to game making.. Cant pass up such an amazing tileset! Thank you Magiscarf you rock! :):D

DiegoMertens's avatar
it would be nice if you add the pokemart and the pokecenter tiles! :D
r3x1356's avatar
r3x1356New Deviant
Are there sea tiles or am I just an idiot and don't sea them? (get the pun haha :p)
Magiscarf's avatar
There are water tiles, but I guess they aren't ocean tiles.
Froakie20's avatar
Thank you for making this free, you're awesome !
light0011's avatar
can i use it in game?
Magiscarf's avatar
It already says under what conditions I'm allowing it to be used in the description.
springmeme's avatar
it's to small to use
springmeme's avatar
always i must have problems with tilesets
springmeme's avatar
i never finish this fan game uh
cyrostic's avatar
cyrosticHobbyist Digital Artist
You need to download the PNG for the full size

springmeme's avatar
i download but still it's small
devondashla's avatar
devondashlaHobbyist Interface Designer
If you're using RPG Maker/Pkmn Essentials, you need to convert 16x16 tilesets like this into 32x32.

Any modern image editor should be able to do this pretty easily (If you're on Windows, I recommend Paint.NET).

Just go to resize image and select nearest neighbor rescaling, and double the image size.
Magiscarf's avatar
I wouldn't say 'ever' but thanks.
TheRey76's avatar
I absolutely love the work you've done here ! Do you think you'll continue one day ? I think one of the only things this tileset misses is lateral natural stairs for your mountain tiles. 
Anyway, thanks for sharing ! :D
Magiscarf's avatar
You mean like horizontal direction stairs?
I dunno if I'll ever continue. I've tried cleaning it up and organizing and all that, but it's gotten too large to be manageable really.
TheRey76's avatar
Yep, that's what I was trying to say. :B
Oh okay that's sad to read, but hey that's a huge work so that's understandable. :D
I'll probably try to do that on my end and do the best I can with my unexistant skills. :b
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