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Revamped Tiles

These tiles are for non-commercial use only. You can edit them, put them in your fangames, and anything else like that.

I've been meaning to revamp my tiles for a long time, but lots of things got in the way or took priority over this. I may never get to everything I want to, but I figured that it would be better to share some of what I have. Enjoy.

Edit to add some other old tiles - not much new, but some fixes to errors
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i could be dumb but i cant seem to remove thecheckered background so i can use them. it there something I am missing?

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Those new trees are the best! Congrats!

Quick question about the tall grass tiles. Are they animated or why is there so many versions of them?

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I can to use? or private use?

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I thought it was pretty clear in the description. These tiles are for non-commercial use. That means: not private, but you can't use them for anything that's trying to make money. So whether you can use them depends on your intentions.

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I'm rom hacker, from whack to hack no yes if you know the forum ...

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hey, this looks amazing but the image here doesn't seem to have an alpha layer? Maybe I'm missing something - the 'transparency' checkerboard is baked into the image itself.

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you just highlight the checkers and delete them...

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The threshold for deleting them would usually end up deleting the contents of other tiles. In the end I created a diff layer to identify where the tile contents were vs the checker background, and used that to generate a non-destructive mask to remove the checkers resulting in an image with an alpha layer.

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Sorry? Are you unable to use it without these alpha layer things?

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Unfortunately not - there doesn't appear to be any alpha layer on it when downloaded/saved right now.

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thank you so much for all of your creations. as someone whos making maps in tiled for my projects, these assets provide a great way to practice object and tile placement. thank you for what you do :)

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You're welcome

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I love theses they are simple and cute. Also question are the tiles in 32 bit?

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I don't know what that means. The tiles are all 16x16 pixels and it would be pretty easy to upscale them to 32 if that's what you want

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Cada vez me sorprenden mas tus tiles!!! Hermosos, hermosos.

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the tiles look great


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Hi! Do you do paid commissions for tiles?

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Hi, I cant seem to download this tileset to use in my fangame? Is there a particular reason for this?

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It's all right there so I don't understand what problem you're having.
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I think they mean that the download button is missing.
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Yeah, the Download button is missing (likely disabled in settings) for this. Though anyone can save the full image by right click.

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That's a bug with the site right now. It's not just this, it's an issue even in stash.

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