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[Free] New Tiles Mastersheet

By Magiscarf
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Free for use and editing for NON COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. As long as you're not trying to make money from it do whatever you'd like.

Made with paint and photoshop.

If you're having trouble with the size or your game making program I don't know how to help you, sorry.


This set of tiles reuses a lot of older tiles, specifically the ones here:…

PLEASE NOTE that some of the tiles on this have been changed/edited/corrected and may not be 100% compatible with the old sheet. Mix and match at your own peril.

Several tiles (trees, buildings, etc.) are meant to be modular so you can have some variety. What you see isn't everything you can make with the available tiles.

If you see any errors please let me know.

Yes, the scale is inconsistent. What can I say? It's a compilation ¯|_(ツ)_/¯

I will try to update this as I make more things.
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But... When I download it, the background isn't transparent. It's solid white and grey checkerboard. :( I tried just colour selecting and deleting the white and grey background, but then I realized the shadows from the buildings and trees are now a solid colour, and not actually partially transparent. Is there a version I can download from somewhere that has a transparent background? It's a beautiful set and I was really thrilled to find this >.<
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Trying to make a file that large with transparency would crash my computer. There should be some kind of image editing program like sai or photoshop or something that will let you select the shadows and then cut and paste them as a new layer which will let you change the transparency of that layer.
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aaa- this is so beautiful : oo
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Beautiful work!

Are these free to use for commercial purposes as well? I know your v3 specifically says it is not, but this doesn't have that mention. I wish DA would allow or even force licensing labels per artwork.
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Aww that's a super cute style
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what maker is this for? mv? ace?
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no, i'm asking for what rpg maker version it was, i see it was for xp/vx/vx ace. 
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Any that you like to use? I don't know what you mean.
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i think that he's asking if it can be usable as it is at the moment or you have to adjust it to fit into a tile set for the program itself
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Even though I make tiles I know very little about the programs people use in game making/editing so someone more knowledgeable than me would need to answer.
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I'm probably gonna sound so dumb (hopefully not rude) for asking but are these ripped from a game or hand made? Just wondering cuz they're so unbelievably AwEsOmE!!!
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I made all of them.
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You are the true Chosen ONe!!!
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This is so perfect.
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i love it, great job :0
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i love you.
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I love ice cream
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The new stuff looks awesome!! :D
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Omg, this is absolutely amazing! Can I just ask if there are any animated versions available of the water tiles (including frames for them or RPG Maker Autotiles)? If not, what would you say the best way to improvise is? Thanks in advance!
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There's no animation. I don't do any game making so I don't normally bother with that kind of stuff. I wouldn't really know how it works so I can't really help with that.
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So we can use the little house? I was on your little house photo and you said in the comments not to use the little house?
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That was uploaded a long time ago. Since it's on this sheet here and it says it's okay here to use this sheet it's okay.
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