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Bunch o' free tiles

By Magiscarf
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[This is an old piece] [There are more tiles here] -->…

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The Victorian house is so pretty

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can i use them in my game?
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And I want to know is it possible for COMMERCIAL PURPOSES?
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Very cute! Thanx for sharing!
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Just letting you know i'll be mainly using the most everything here.
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Guys, I'm a noob at this ... using Tiled, I can't use layers with this tileset because the white and gray squares are part of the background of the image. 
I've seen comments from Magiscarf about how we should use a software to remove the background ... is that what everyone here did to use it? Did you all remove the background squares? That seems like a lot of work. :( 
Can someone help me out with some more solid instructions? 
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The white and grey tiles are unique colors not found anywhere else on the tilesheet. That means that in an image editing program you can (depending on what program) use one of the options to selection ONLY that exact shade of white and ONLY that exact shade of grey. You can then delete the selection, removing the 'background' and leaving just the tiles in place.
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we just crop out the tile we want to use using the bg squares as guidelines to where to exactly place them in as a tile so it wont overlap with other, then we remove that much of square behind the tile.
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what is this visual perspective called?
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That's a very good question.
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do you have the traffic cones as free tiles anywhere?
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Wait...? If we made a game and sold it wouldn't you want royalties or something?
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I guess not. I don't think most people around here are interested in making that kind of game.
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Me looking for pixel artists xd helpppp
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what program was used to make these? :]
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Paint and photoshop
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This is so cool!!!
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I love ALL your workHeart Heart  Heart 
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What do you use to make these?
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Hi! I used your tileset to test a method to create isometric blocks from flat textures. Here is the result:…
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