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Hi there!

Yapz! Its holiday! Yeah! Finished my GOW2 ..yeah its kinda late for me to do so..but at least im done with it! For the first time im now open for commissions! For sketch only! =)

Payment is in USD. How do i charge?

1. ** $ - Headshot

2. ** $ - HalfBody

3. ** $ - Fullbody pose

i will update the price soon. Price is depends on the details of the sketch.

How the process goes?

1.Send me a request

2.Send me the details of the sketch u want

3.I will send you a 15% wip to show progress.

4.Once shown and u like it, you will have to send me the payment. [Through banking..for now]

5.Once i received the payment. Full sketch will be done and emailed to you.

6.Tada ~ Enjoy the sketch =)

=)If anyone is interested ,SEND ME A NOTE
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I wanna share my moment of disappoint with all game lovers...

Gears of war 2 is out!! Zomg... It is out and i cant believe i am not playing it!! Im supposed to be geared up by now sitting on my sofa killing locust!!! Unfortunately , i wont be doing that for a while...due to my Mass project i need to finish! I have to wait for 2 more week before i can actually play it.. SAD!!!! T___T

Locust[s]! I will get u in two more weeks RAWR!
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Why do i always draw girls? Dont i draw guys anymore? haha actually i still do... Just that i like drawing girls more than drawing guys..imagine i have been drawing guys since my primary school...drawing all those muscle man [Dragon ball especially , kamehamehaa!!!] hahaha~ Moved up a notch and try for girls =D more girls are coming to my gallery! Hope u guys will like it =D
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Hello all , finally its time for me to submit my works after for a really long break from submitting. Hopefully all my hardwork for the past 1 year will pay off. I've been practicing like crazy all this time. Just managed to submit my test cg "Mai Shiranui" in my gallery during the pratice.

Me myself dont see much improvement in my drawing though.. haha but anyway.. i will submit my works from now on. I really hope you all will enjoy my works. Thank you , Im 1 year older now!!!
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