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Sailor Mercury progress

Because sharing is caring :) hope you all like it

For finished product Sailormoon Mercury by magion02

MOST ASKED QUESTION - What did you do to the outline at panel 4?  : I removed the outline layer leaving just the flat color layer. From there , it will definitely leave some ugly gap which you need to fill those in :) Keep refining and take your time. Patience is the key , like ALWAYS. 

PS Cs5 & Cintiq
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Seriously, thank you SO MUCH for including your most asked question, because I've been searching for the answer! I'm so happy c:
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Beautiful!!.... Love 
Create a folder specifically for these progress!!... <3
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Please, tell me how I can do something like this.
Your tutorials are great! :D
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HELLO! I have some questions.  Do you have for separately the line art, isn't it?
Do you use just pencil? (not inks with pen or other kind of tool?) I hope you understand me, I m from Mexico. n__n
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Hi , everything is digital painted using a cintiq and photoshop.
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Oh my! thank you very much! n__n, you're so awesome!
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Only like the second
It's absolutely amazing!!!!!
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cool to see the progression.
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Thanks for these! As an aspiring artist trying to do my own comic, I love seeing the breakdowns. Your work is amazing!
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Wow this is amazing 
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thanks for showing the stages inbetween, amazing work :)
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Such a beautiful process, from beginning to end :O I can never get pass the first step. And I love Sailor Mercury :) haha
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wow thanks for sharing the process! So cool
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Beautiful process * u *
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