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League of Legends Katarina Progress

League of Legends Katarina Casual by magion02
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Okay so I just have a quick question. How do you go from the black line work to the colored image? I always have the most trouble with that.
Can u please make full pictures of the variant in this? I absolutely love this artwork! Katarina is my main champion in league of legends and she is fun to play
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wow, awesome..
your style similiar to stanley lau..
great work !
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I like tutorials that in themselves are also art. Thank you.
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Muito lindo o resultado final e agradeço pelo carinho de postar os progressos do desenho. Me identifiquei muito com o estilo. Abraço
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Very impressive! Keep it up
That´s awesome! May i ask  since when you draw and how long one picture takes you? (Was that right? Haven´t used my english some time :D )
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wow amazing!!!! i have a Q ..... do you use a normal tablet or wacom or is cintiq ? a have issues with my drawings when i try to make  a complete digital work ...:| (Blank Stare) 
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The Queen of Kill Steal has never looked better. 
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KAta <333333333
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I really3x love your works!!
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wow :) (Smile) 
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Great work. Looks great.
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Wonderful job, well done !
Though why did you remove the hair on the right side? Guess she was more "Katarina" with it :) She remains so beautiful :3
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Wow, this is beautiful! Good job, you did there!
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Is it just me or does she look like bloody mary from the wolf among us
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OMG amazing artwork! <3
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Love the pose, facial features, color choice and hilights. Great gallery. Thanks for the tutorials also.
I just started drawing last year to relieve stress.
I'm 40. I didn't have any opportunity growing to really take art classes. I had one yet the teacher never showed up to class. So, I doodled constantly. My wife encouraged me to actually draw something. So, I bought a bunch of books. Yet, anatomy lesson and perspective lessons are from people like you. Thanks for placing those up. It helps me. God bless!
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give us some patreon for free
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