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Katana Shoujo process

By magion02
Alright , here is the process for my Katana Shoujo piece :) (Smile) 
Feel free to ask questions I'll try my best to answer.  

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION - What did you do to the outline?  : I merged the outline and flat color layer together. From there on , I paint over and over make things smoother (It can be done in another layer if you are not confident)  :) (Smile) Keep refining and take your time. Patience is the key , like ALWAYS. 

Katana Shoujo by magion02 finished product

also check out my other early sketches at my Facebook page  :) don't forget to hit like and share alright, SEE YOU GUYS THEREHeart 3D

Hope you all like it !

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I tried to learn some advanced techniques for skin shading and follow along your steps, this is the result:
Skin Practice by Sailor-Crystal-Moon
Thanks for sharing Heart 
Adamantiel's avatar
Wow. Thanks for the tutorial.
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speechles, you're so pro Clap 
that's fuckin amazin! one day i'll be this good
mewh2's avatar
Keep practicing.
Carlos-Alberto-Salva's avatar
Wow! Amazingly beautiful work of art.
BurlesonWrath's avatar
I couldn't even do the first step
AceTrooper07's avatar
hey love your art!
are you using mouse/keyboard or a graphic tablet&pen for your works?
because i have no idea how one can be so precise with a tablet :D
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Very nice.  I love it.
red-cyber's avatar
That's is the best art process I ever seen so far in here.
magion02's avatar
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you welcome~
I dunno how you do that with Photoshop or SAI
magion02's avatar
I used photoshop :)
TimeGauntlet's avatar
What tools were used?
magion02's avatar
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Thank you~!
O u O
ShadowDoctrine's avatar
Illustration is remarkable with beautiful composition. :heart:
AmberwingKnight's avatar
Amazing! I love how you were able to get the skin to look so smooth at the end. Any particular technique to that?
Texaso6's avatar
J hope you do some toturials in future :)
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