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How to blend line art tutorial

Hey guys , I know you have been asking a lot about how I blend my line arts.  I heard you so here's a simple tutorial explaining how I do it. 

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Those who are interested in 
the PSD file and more wip progress steps for my other illustrations you may download em at my new patreon page Patreon
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Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. :( Can you make a video tutorial and show you step by step how to do it, please?
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Thank you for the tutorial. i know about it but i think i got some new education about it
artReall's avatar
wOw! tnx4this!^^:))
HackerAxe's avatar
Nice tutorial! I'm gonna try and do this when I draw! ;D
Queen-RooniiSuu's avatar
im still a bit confused on this ...
magion02's avatar
I'm making a new one soon :) a different method
Queen-RooniiSuu's avatar
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Thank you very much for making this! It's so helpful ; w ; 
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OMG, this is so preety! Sorry if I wrote something wrong, i'm not that good at English...
sexval's avatar
oml I love you
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What program do you use? I'm also assuming this would not work with Photoshop Elements haha...
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Photoshop cs5 :) It works on element as well
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Aaaah I've been looking for this! Thank you! > u <
Now to see if I can't recreate this with something of my own...
XxDeviousOtakuxX's avatar
Does this work for paint tool sai?
magion02's avatar
Technically yes :) but the shortcuts are different tho. 
XxDeviousOtakuxX's avatar
Do you know what they are? I've been having to use the lineart curve tool and pressure tool. But it doesn't give that same look
So great!! Thanks for this!!!
Sketch06's avatar
Oh my gosh thank you
DisneysFrozenFan's avatar
xArtl3ssx's avatar
That's one interesting tut I've been looking for quite a while!
I've always wondered how to the blending between the line art and the color layer.
Thanks a lot. (:
Rendou-Animated's avatar
Omg never thought of that lol xD
Anna-Lowe's avatar
Great tutorial! :)
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