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Harime Nui process tutorial

Harime Nui process + Simple tutorial!

Done in photoshop

In this quick tutorial I will explain the frequently asked question. "What did you do to the outline and HOW?"

okay let's get started

1. Finalized and cleaned Outline sketch.

2. Create a layer below the outline layer to fill in flat colors.Then merge them.

3. Above the merged layer , create a new layer and clipped it on the merged layer below. You may now start painting the base shadows and eventually the MYSTERIOUS outline shall vanish. MYSTERY SOLVED EH!

4. Refining shadow and lighting values. I drafted a background just as how I imagined it right before I started, but I didn't think it fits quite well. So I changed it to a lil more deem and romantic setting ( panel 5)

5. Now that things starting to look harmonized , with the suitable background I poured some natural lights onto the exposed area.

6. Finalize the shadows and lightings.

7. Some life fiber strings to enhance the concept and YOU ARE DONE! 

Hope you all didn't lose your way in this process and find it helpful  Feel free to share

finished product

Harime Nui by magion02 Have you guys been to my fb page yet? I usually post my early sketches and some other personal stuffs there at my Facebook page soon :) appreciate your supportHeart 3D

Hope you all like it !

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too beautiful. I love it.
the1dragon1girl's avatar
Do you do requests?
Marvsamune's avatar
is it a character from kill la kill?
Yoggington's avatar
I have to say, this is the perfect amount of tutorial :) I will try this tomorrow.
Arkatza's avatar
That's just beautiful!
IMDSound's avatar
Very, very, informative!! Thank you!!
duducaico's avatar
Do you mind to tell how many hours you spent do make this beatiful painting? 

One other question: when you start drawing the shadown on Step3, do you set the layer to Multiply mode or you paint it as Normal selecting the color shades one by one in each color?
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Total hours spent roughly 18 hours I think and for the darker shades , I picked the color. Sometimes I use multiply too. Depends on the situation
duducaico's avatar
Just one more question (hope I'm not bothering you... ^^') whats your original canvas size when you start drawing?
MarrowMelow's avatar
So cute, love it ^^ ♥
Artmeans321's avatar
very cool work!:) (Smile) 
master-girl's avatar
Thank for your tuto !^^ could you make a video ? *-*
GagetheWalrus's avatar
my fav kill la kill character. nice job
Faithfeather's avatar
very well done ^.^
I-n-F's avatar
What's the procedure between steps 4 and 5? The colors in 4 look a bit washed out, somewhat "white" and not very lively. Then in 5 everything looks well blended together and the colors are more lively? How do you do that? Thanks!
DerekMayhew's avatar
Thank you for posting WIPs, they are always appreciated!
Fang-of-Fenrir's avatar
Lovely art as always ^w^ How many layers do you usually work on? And you merge the line layer onto the base colour layer, yes?
magion02's avatar
Yes I merge the out line layer on the base color :)  
How many layers I usually work on well , sometimes just 2-3 sometimes more than 30 . Really depends :)
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When you say "clip the new layer on the old one", what does that mean?
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