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May 31, 2014
Dragon Ball Android 18 by magion02
A fantastic Android 18 fan art! The action pose is wonderfully drawn. Good job.
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Dragon Ball Android 18

Dragon Ball Android 18 progress by magion02

RUN 18! RUN!! Another favorite dbz female character of mine besides Videl ! :) in case you didn't know,  Toriyama sensei has finally revealed her real name as Lazuli ! (Which makes 17 as Lapiz)

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Esta genial 👌🏻🤩
StephanieGGWP's avatar
Really nice work! 
magion02's avatar
ClaFanN1's avatar
She deserved a stronger husband XD
Omega519's avatar
Awesome work.  I really love the flying bits of debris.  It shows the power and the struggle going on here.  I hope 18 lands a lucky punch.
taragon90's avatar
Nice work, android 18 looks hot.
dittoblast64's avatar
You drew Cell's open tail? I feel sorry for you dude
Lena-Miaou's avatar
Awesome fanart!

warning : used here and hide your signature =>…
ItinerantDjuradhan's avatar
Among the ranks of strong women in fiction, Android 18 stands with the best. This woman, in an anime where grand displays of raw power are practically the ethos, swatted a SUPER SAIYAN aside like a petty annoyance. Quite the opening act. You have captured not only her unapproachable beauty, but her powerful drive. This is an astounding piece of artwork, deserving every bit of the Daily Deviation it received. Well done!
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Wow! Very good!
XxxswagmitexxX's avatar
That is it! I am stopping this now!
Oh, what are you doing?!
What am I doing?!
Thwartin' my plans?!
Thwarting your plans?!
TMFScptKT's avatar
Huh....this is a strange feeling
Pride in someone else
However it's overshadowed by all this UNYIELDING RAGE
ItinerantDjuradhan's avatar
I adore your avatar. That unrepentant sneer is so memorable! Good choice.
Coldshade80's avatar
wonderful visual! :-)
D1elnegro's avatar
Love your art style :)
magion02's avatar
DannyAndYoko's avatar
Luckily Gohan will punch Cell hard enough so she gets spit back out later on ^^
The-Vash's avatar
Although she technically wasn't wearing that outfit but screw it, it's your art and it's lovely.
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