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Miel 34084

Registered Name: Miel  (pronounced as mi-ehl )
ID Number: 34084
Owner: magikwolf 
Species: Tokotas
Breed: Canarctos venatori 
Gender: Female
Mane Type: Natural
Genotype: ee/AA/Tt/MM/CC/AA/nG
Phenotype: Marked collared greying tawny with accents
Height: 150 cm 
Hierarchy Status: Average 
Rites of Fertility: No 
Health Status: Healthy 

Personality: Sister of Miles. Her name means honey in Spanish. This name was given because wherever Miel goes animals are sure to follow. No matter what the humans of the pack does most of these animals just sticks right by her or somewhere nearby. Miel sees it as a gift and a curse because sometimes you just don't feel like having critters follow you home. 


- Caver
    Caving items retrieved by the tokota are worth 20%+ of their usual reward when redeemed at Toko Tokens Bank.

- Creature Whisperer
    Increased chance to locate companion animals on an exploration, caving, or diving trip.

- Snow White
    Up to three companions allowed.

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Tonga 182
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Samhain 576
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Sister Moon 12
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Harlow 5438
----------------- DS: Alduin 8876
------------------------------------------ DSD: Iluliaq 5044
Dam: Puddin 13480
------------------------------------------ DDS: Titan 10839
----------------- DD: Ivy 12260
------------------------------------------ DDD: Tequila 10157

Design (c)  magikwolf

Slots Used: 0/15


                                           HP  Counter:

To Dominance:   0/250

Random Events:

New I can't wait any longer. I'm going to continue thru the Corrections Journal.


Hi guys!,

When trying to design these 2 litter mates with a specific inspiration in mind, I didn't know how crucial it was to have pangere as part of their genos. My designs would have been accepted awhile ago.

I am assuming that it's ok to cancel genos that are in the corrections journal.

So, I am checking to see if anyone has 100% identical genos traits included (I won't say no to more traits) but with pangere Png or Dom PngPng (would be nice) included and would be willing to do a 2 genos swap.

New If you have a traited geno(s) is close with CW, comment below.

* I have the right to change my mind and keep my genos in correction journal

Ownership Proof:…

Male, Natural Mane
Average - Healthy
Marked collared sable tawny with accents
Hereditary Traits:
Creature Whisperer

Female, Natural Mane
Average - Healthy
Marked collared greying tawny with accents
Hereditary Traits:
Creature Whisperer
Snow White…

Registered name: Stencil
Nickname (s) : Sten Sten, Stencer
ID number: 19547
Breed: Canarctos venatori 
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Mane Type: Natural Mane
Genotype: Ee/aa/tt/MM/CC/AA
Phenotype: marked collared black with accents
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 183 cm
Hierarchy status: Submissive
Rites of fertility: 0/3
Rites of dominance: 0/3
Health status: Healthy

Personality: His name is fitting because its opposite of how this toko is like. Since, he was old enough to aware of things Stencil expressed how he wouldn't always want to be thought of just only having the typical..cookie cutter*pun intended* behaviors of a Toko. For example, Stencil likes to take up challenges, sometimes behave like a human just because, willing to do feats that tokos have been conditioned to be wrong way to do, and thinks outside the box. He doesn't like or want to be viewed as just another typical black furred toko.


------------------------------------------ SSS:Reginald 513
----------------- SS: Saren 4480
------------------------------------------ SSD: Azhela 2427
Sire: Lord Crow 6974
------------------------------------------ SDS:Vuur 1673
----------------- SD: Oka 3715
------------------------------------------ SDD: Lunar 3001
------------------------------------------ DSS: Anguta 05
----------------- DS: Atanarjuat 208
------------------------------------------ DSD:Jeta 183
------------------------------------------ DDS: Senad 253
----------------- DD: Noir 3355
------------------------------------------ DDD:Tali'Zorah 2407

Design (c) magikwolf


       Slots Used: 0/15


                                           HP  Counter:

To Dominance:   0/250

Random Events:

Hi guys!

I have been busy for awhile doing art deals and designing my genos that I've been putting off. I still have a geno to design and RoD sets for 2 of my Tokos (that I haven't gotten for months and a year). So, I was wondering to see how many would be willing to to do hunting roll pack(s).

What I can offer:

- The rate per roll = 160 TT (preferably) can go up to 500TT + 1 of your own Toko can be added

- I can off my geno designing services towards non-complex genos.
     Link to my design shop journal:…

I have 2 Tokos that are tacked enough for hunting: 

- (F) Lina ~Greying Tawny…

- (M) Berwin ~ Basic Tundra with Caver Trait…
 Hi guys,

I always have a hard/stressful time finding and picking just the right name for my tokos hence me having a very small pack. I do go through some of those baby names sites. But, it just takes months to finally/getting around in finding or picking one that speaks to me. And don't get started when it comes to litter mates.

So, I would love get some help on where to go to find names that I don't know about, how to pick a name faster.

                                       Tank 21132…

      Lease permission comment:…

                 Start date: 4/12/17 - 7/10/17(can be renewed & changed)

    Random Events Section

Admin Reply Here (quick link to comment made in tracker: 

     Revealed and completed
Thor 11528…

     Lease permission comment:…

          Start date: 4/20/17 -Indefinite

     Random Events Section:
Admin Reply Here (quick link to comment made in tracker:

    Revealed and completed:

                                       Tank 21132…

      Lease permission comment: 

                                   Start date: 4/ /17 - 5/ /17(can be renewed & changed)

    Random Events Section

Admin Reply Here (quick link to comment made in tracker: 

     Revealed and completed
~ Will be a Reused journal ~:new:Searching for many items:new:

If you have something to spare, you are a non-crafter,or you're looking to re-coop TT spent on Sale event, I'm Looking for wire spools, thread spools, glass shards, logs, leather strips, Linen Bolts, Cotton bolts (or fibers), Dye, small/larger bone fragments,needles,coal, Maps,yarrow

Crafted items: crafted lanterns, atlas, crafted cave gears, Jewel Pickaxes, Ice picks

Willing to pay: - 3x TT amount that they're worth in the price sheet for ingredients  (for glass shards 3x of its trash/found price)
                    ~ For Already crafted items > Caving or Diving Rolls (quickest), OR Hp Sheet (# can be discussed), + TT (only if rare/hard to craft items)

-Keeping this journal up to see how many are offered.

Hi guys, since I tend to have bad luck in breeding that's why I'm looking for geno(s) primarily. Unrelated Slots (possibly a couple of same Toko), second.

  Bullet; Blue Grey Brown with Liver Points (without Merle part) Geno preferred 
        Desired with:
        Point Right 50 or 25% Dire, any mane type expect for long mane or collared             sphinx  (I can dream)
        Point Right  Normal Builds: Any mane types expect for long and collared sphinx
        Point Right Creature whisperer, Snow White, Explorer,Caver, Skill Seeker, Super  Star. At least with Creature Whisperer, Snow White
         I can offer:
         Point Right For 25% and up Dires- TT combo with some rolls, 20-40 rolls or AoAs, RoD Set or PotA Set
         Point Right Rolls or Hp Sheets or Rites, TT

  ^.^ I'll leave this journal up for a bit to see what comes in <3 

Check out this raffle..if u want to, no pressure…

Hello guys,

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to let me use their wild heart Toko to help tame my first wild Toko? It's a win-win situation, you get HP and I have a better fighting chance.

I would prefer not to have a complex design to draw since I'm slow at drawing.
:new: For unforeseen circumstances, person couldn't complete, so looking again

Casnar, my Half-Mane Merle needs his 2 Rites done. In PB, so last rite is RoK.

Im offering a slot to him after rites are done.

This link has his tracker with import sheet in it:… 
:new: Still looking * You help me, I help you(ex. in TT for treats is 1 Option)

Still Looking

Hi Guys,

After rolling 20 times with member breeding roller with my non-traited red brown slots that I worked for, it's looking like more of a gamble to get my desired result.

Im looking for:
- Male 
- a Red brown perferably, but a regular brown base coat is great too. 
- Lineages without low numbers has a better chance to work 
- Has Creature Whisperer and Brawny 

Offering options:
- TT
-Hp in Caving (perferably)
:new: details added & editing

I can't wait to have a better chance in finding some. Im looking for 1-2 ones and it would be nice if they have a black cat to help finding cooler/the newer companions and/or a chicken to act as having an increase chance of coming back with nice consolation items in case I keep getting bad luck or something.

It would be great if they're not too hard to draw. I'm thinking of leasing for at least 1-2 months, hopefully will be enough time to find something/the ones I'm seeking.

My rules are: Like any other lease.
And I'll let you know if I wish to extend the lease time.
You must be ok not seeing one image per week.
If any abandoned pups are found that I don't click with then you can have them.
If any companions are found that I don't think I'll need/looking for then you'll have first shot to buy.
If any trait tokens are found, we can formulate an arrangement of who get them (i dont have any..just so you know.) For example, if you already have a fair quantity then starting at 2 tokens and up are found they can be divided. Odd number totals senerio, you get the extra ones.
If you don't have any tokens already then you get to keep them.
Check out weatherbroken's 30k TT and items giveaway…
- likes routine
- likes being alone to do its own thing, but is family oriented cause don't want to be alone all the time or not for more than a couple of weeks. Can be independent for 1-2 moon cycles if needed, but prefers..use to having adult duties being done by others.
-Wants friends not just good/close acquaintances. 
- likes problem solve there's situations that they're having
- thinks outside the box
- and likes to collect knowledge from resources that are nearby, but application of most of all that ends up not being used for fear and just knowing  itll either suck at it or not be close to being as good as others 
- Compares its  Skills that are the same or want that others have in a not helpful way and non-motivating way. Knows that it's doing that,but can't help it and feels that it's never going to achieve same level or close enough to be happy and confident. Will still try to get to desired level though.
- Is proud of its Wittiness and smart kidding around quick comebacks skills's level
:new: increased payment again :new:
Hiya guys,

     I have this Toko Casnar, who is a Half Mane Tawny Merle with Tan Points 
that is needs 57Hp to get to average status. I would like the Hp to be done in
explorations. I'm willing to pay 2,400 TT.

This link has his tracker with import sheet in it:… 
Hi guys,

Im usually really good at saving these links, but it seems that I forgot to keep any record of this almost white geno:

                            Male   ee/aa/TT/MM/nC/nA/nG ~Average
                             marked collared greying tundra with accents.
                                  Parents: WM17 x Tamina WF11
                                 Lineage : Both are Wild/ All unknowns 

I paid either with art or TT many months ago..maybe during winter or fall. 
Hi Guys,

I never liked writing when I was in school, always had to have help in figuring out what to write about. But, I do get jealous how it comes easy to some. So, I had an idea that being a member here is a perfect time to try. I would like to see if literature and/or RPing can become a viable option. 

So,I made this journal in order to get as much advice on how to conquer the dreaded blank, tricks in making it easier to write 1200 words, and which writing styles are better when starting out.

I feel most likely that a  activity collab/RP will tap into what strengths I do have and will give me a fighting chance.

I like the writing style/flow that was read from in this video that i ran into. I dont know if its a viable speed option by itself or combined with another writing style.
It starts at close to 5:10min