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The Place

A Reimagining of the "Cave of the Past" level from Earthbound/Mother 2. I've had this idea in my head for a while after playing through such a happy bright game and then getting to this spot. 

This large grey rocky world gave off such a spooky lonely feeling, like a bright silent hill, which is how I wanted to make the scene appear. Perhaps it is too texture filled compared to the source material, or perhaps it needs more work? I went for a more realistic tone as I tend to do with my Cartoony HD tributes. I worry maybe I lost the appealing simplicity of the jagged edges by making them more worn pieces of cliffside instead. I mostly wanted to call it finished and move on to something else, but I plan to eventually be releasing other scenes from the End of Earthbound/Mother2. Until then, Thank you for reading and watching!!
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Ohh that's veryyy nice
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Ah, I really like the decision to render the rocky outcroppings with varying heights. Really lends a sense of scale and space to the otherwise flat area in the original.
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Thanks! Yeah I like to think Ness's world isnt all flat
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This looks amazing!! Great work!
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No worries about simplicity. You did awesome! :D
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definitely do more of this game! can't wait to see more, this is amazing
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I'm so bad at making characters! I'm going to stick to making more scenes from the ending for now since the robot bodies continue until giygas. At least 3 more pictures are planned :0
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This is absolutely stunning! :0 
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