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Medallions of the Sages

UPDATE: I made it wider so people could make it a desktop background if they so please

An update from my last entry. I decided to make the menu thing from Ocarina of Time to serve as a holding stone for the spiritual medallions. These will be for sale soon online in plastic, more on that later!
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Dear god I love it.

I love this, but the earth medallion has 4 bananas instead of 3
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I referenced the 3ds version. If i get the time someday i will go back to these and fix it to be like the original forest medallion. The picture wont change but the 3d prints will
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question: are the medallions made out of metal?
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In this picture yes, in real life the ones pictured are plastic with metallic paint. You could possibly 3D print them in stainless steel but it would run you probably a thousand dollars through the Shapeways site, but id have to check cause thats just a guess!
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okay. or just carve em out of wood too
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Wow that looks so cool
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It looks so beautiful.. Like I could reach into the computer and pull out a beautifully made medallion from the game.. Simply amazing. ^.^
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So.... Beautiful.
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this reminds me of the two Legend of Zelda 3Ds games i got for christmas today but i cant play them cause i had let my friend borrow my 3Ds yesterday...
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That suuuucks! Ocarina of Time 3D is really fun! The temples have really new feels to them like Water Temple goes a bit oriental and shadow temple gets a lot creepier! I played through that game and it just inspired me to make these :D
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haha thats one of the two that i have and a Link Between Worlds
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Oh this is gorgeous:clap:
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