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The Embodiment of Evil, The Cosmic Destroyer, he goes by many names.

Happy Halloween and all that, this is my poor attempt at messing with clouds filling an object shape in Maya, + photoshop. Giygas is some creepy alien dude from Mother/Earthbound who's mind went so insane after a defeat, he became this thing. You see this guy on a lot of top 10 spooky lists, and i just had to make him. Came close to how i pictured it but still feels like its lacking, not crazy proud of it. 
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Great picture.

By the way, in the "Cognitive Dissonance" fangame, we get to see a "lovely" transition stage between a normal-looking alien Giegue and an almighty idiot Giygas, where his own PSI abilities, majorly overdriven by his willing slip into insanity (when he attempted to regain his power to be able to defeat protagonists), start to literally tear him apart.

What's that about - I now shudder, when I imagine, how would this transition stage look like in your style...
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And THIS is most likely what Giygas would look like in 3D. A near-incomprehensible mist emitting a screaming face. Also, love seeing Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo here. Pokey was hard to find, but it's good to see him here too. EPIC AS ALL HECK.

Hopefully you don't believe that stupid theory that Giygas is a "demonic fetus" and know that he's an alien who was rendered a monster by his insane power.
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You might just find his alien form on my page if you snoop around!
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I've found plenty. The proof is all there that Giygas is no fetus. And I always thought the Devil's Machine looked more like a brain than... you know. Glad you know the truth! I'm gonna be watching you!

Err, I like Undertale, too, though. I love both the Earthbound series AND Undertale. You won't have a problem with me being an Undertale fan, will you? I'm not one of the rabid ones, I just love the game. I just hope this poor fool who adores Undertale as much as its "parent" game (you know Earthbound inspired Undertale) can be accepted for what he is.
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This is probably the most accurate and well depicted version of Giygas and the fight overall I have ever seen. Most people make him appear as though he's just a gigantic room or some kind of whirlpool, but this is perfect. He's meant to be a cosmic mass of pure evil. The size and scope of him is spot on.  I was like "WOW, the gangs all here but where is Pok-OH THERE HE IS..." most people forget him and how he watches during this fight. Also, A+ on actually making Ness and the gang robots as they are in game, i swear 95% of the art for this battle is always showing them in human bodies lol
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Thanks so much, That means a lot! They go into great detail about how he is the embodiment of evil and can only be seen by what you comprehend, so to them I guess they just see this giant scary face. Pokey was added in last minute cause i just didnt want to model him, but Ive had an urge to make him and the devils machine! :D (Big Grin)  I just suuuuck and character modeling. The robot bodies were easier for me anyway because they were hard surface objects! Funny thing is though, I always play the translated Mother 2 version with the swearing and religious references added back in, and my cartridge of that game has a really annoying glitch where it loads the normal body sprites instead of the robot body ones in the final level. I was pretty confused my first time playing, but I eventually figured it out! One of my favorite games of all time for sure!
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Wow, nice work though! @_@ It may not have the best cloud-like texture, but wow, its so vast. :D
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That's soooo coool though!
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Thank you! He is for sure one of my favorite game villains 
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