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More art soon and vacation!!

More art soon and vacation!!

I've reached a point in my life where I have 10 half finished projects. So what do you do? You spin around and pick one to force finish Dod Gamn it... Coming soon will be stuff YOU, the reader, can own yourself! A Bomberman   Ash tray, and an Uncharted   inspired Ring, made of real silver. Like zoinks um wow thats boring i know, but on the back burner is my toy story cartoon that still needs some hours put in, and my Earthbound   short that needs even more hours put into it. I keep finding things i want to change, that starman needs a little more polish, and less color. I played Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for the first time yesterday, h

The Amiibo Hunt

The Amiibo Hunt

In between all the art projects and nostalgic distractions that are weekends and video games, it should be no secret that I love Amiibos. The fact that I got a Ness amiibo is a treasure of its own, especially with it being the only source of Earthbound memorabilia sold in the US to my knowledge. Anywho, tomorrow Wave 4 goes up for sale, and I will be camping outside of Toys R us tonight. Deep down I don't know who to blame, because these toys are legit and they look legit. But scalpers exist in far too many numbers in this town, and I gotta beat them if i can. Looking to get a Robin, Lucina, and 2 Charazards (one for a friend) to put the ami

Digimon, Nintendo, and Smart Art

Digimon, Nintendo, and Smart Art

"I hear... the secrets that you keep.... when you're battling in your sleep..." I've been having some really wacky spooky dreams as of late, and I am not surprised. I could blame the hilarity that is Saints Row 4 cause that is my current game right this second. However these dreams have had some Digimon in them, and other crazy things I cant seem to recall. Real quick Im going to talk about some ART stuff then I will dig into the juice of what I want to say. Im making an Earthbound short animation. I won't spoil the surprise but I don't know what is really Demo Reel quality and what isnt. I just spend so much time making ends meet i am worn

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Have a good b-day, matey!
magicwaffles123Professional Filmographer
Happy birthday, you awesome artist! :la:
magicwaffles123Professional Filmographer
thank you!
GhosticalzHobbyist Digital Artist
Gravity falls is ending
Happy birthday! :) Mine's today too.
magicwaffles123Professional Filmographer
Thank you! happy b day back!