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Here are some smaller youtubers that talk mtg.

Ok, im cheating a bit this first one is called Rhystic Studies.…
I first discovered this youtuber when he talked about that amazing illustrator Terese Nielsen where he talks about her life and her work. He has many other videos of that format but he also will do a video that is almost like the history of one specific card. This guy has earned each of the 79k subs he got and i would suggest him to anyone that likes art and not just magic cards.

I came across this youtuber for the first time with his Random Buy videos. Booster Tutor also does Crack-A-Pack videos where is basically opens a pack as if he was in a draft and boosterbox openings. Check him out.…

TastySnackies is perhaps the smallest channel on this list and he has mentioned that he may be making less MTG content. However, his extremely spicy and dank mtg meme video are worth a watch.…

Ok, im not going to lie. I came across MTG Sickly started watching since she is cute. However, after watching her video called "Why I Hate the Eldrazi", i was dying of laughter. Totally worth checking out her channel.…

Ok, i leave the rudest and most brash for last. Now, i will not say PURP is for everyone, in fact i bet a lot of you guys will not like him. But, he speaks his mind and he lets out the Boss Monster when he needed to be unleashed. If you can handle him, here is a link to his channel.…

Hope you guys at least enjoy one of these fine youtube content creators. Perhaps you can leave some lesser known mtg channels in the comments below. Hope you see you guys there.
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The Rules And Important Group Info

This group is affiliated with Wizards of the Coast.

I have recently changed the names of the roles in the group. I am now Elder Dragon. Co-founder is now Planeswalker and Legendary is Contributors.

From now on you have the responsibility in the voting process in this group. That means that you have to personally make sure that all submissions are to the rules I have set. So now that means that you, contributor, have to check each submission before you vote yes or no. And remember to leave your personal preferences at the door. You, contributor are voting to keep things by the rules and nothing more. Its not the view of the quality of what your voting on, its if it fills the criteria.

First of all if you do use pictures from deviant art for your custom cards you MUST have permission from the creator of that picture in order to post that card on deviant art. That is just the rules of deviant art that you must abide by so there for this group must abide to it. Also if you didn't know about this before all I want you to do now is take heed of it and if you have already added a card with art that's from this site that you haven't asked for, please take it off of the group gallery and ask for permission to use it. You should have beforehand, because that's stealing.

If your using art that is not from the deviant art site I still expect that the art you use to either be part of the "public domain", "fair uses" law or have permission to use said art, or stock. If you can't fulfill the criteria listed above, don't post it in my group.

Altered cards that are extension of the original art found on the card must contain credit of the original artist ether on the card itself (such as the artist name that is original on the bottom of the card) and or a link to the unaltered version of the card itself. Altered cards that don't fit this criteria will no longer be accepted. Altered cards already in the group that don't fit this criteria will not be removed at this time.

And if you would like to know more about the rules of deviantart here's a link.…

:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletgreen:Also please make sure all of your art pieces are submitted into the proper folder.:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletgreen:

:bulletblue:Featured: This folder is for the best of the best.

:bulletblue:Altered: This folder if for cards that have been painted on and has had their physical appearance changed. (Remember, if you are extending the original artwork of a magic card. Keep the name of the original artist at the bottom of the card you are altering and or place a link in the description of the original card.)

:bulletblue:Cards: This folder is for cards that have been created. (In other words fan cards)

:bulletblue:Fan Art: This folder is for all fan art of characters and such from Magic lore.

:bulletblue:Official Art: This folder is for all art that has been done by artist from Wizards of the Coast for Magic the Gathering.

:bulletblue:Symbols, photos and stuff: This folder is basically for symbols and any photo taken that has something to do with magic such as (but not limited to) people in cosplay as characters from magic lore, crafts done with magic cards or is magic orientated , 3d magic card cutouts, body art, sculptures, jewelry and much more.

:bulletblue:Decks: This folder is for the decks you've made over the years and just want to show them off for all to see. Oh, and don't forget to write a short story and of description about that deck you post. The deck could be either a picture of the cards in it, or a written list of the cards.



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Hansoui Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2018
Hey master KingVego, I have my question if I may feature an alternate art of a card that I recently made? If you wish to see it, this is its link:  Ghitu Lavarunner by Hansoui
KingVego Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I see no issue with that being added to the group
Hansoui Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Grand! Then how do I proceed to contribute this to the group?
KingVego Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you join and then add your work to the group. 
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This is your first and only warning. Post something like this that is unrelated to this group, you will be banned. 
laOchoCinco Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017
It there a location for Cosplay? I'd like to submit my Avacyn the Purifier cosplay photos. :) 
Avacyn the Purifier - Photo Shoot by laOchoCinco
KingVego Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ashesela Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017
Thank you for adding me to the group! :D
KingVego Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No prob 
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