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I want to do two different challenges.  I know it's been a while, but with the announcement of the Netflix reboot, it seems fitting to challenge everyone to submit their designs of what they would make a modern version of the Magic School Bus show/class look like so that we can compare to the Netflix version in 2016.

I'm going to give you a long time to submit, but I have very specific rules:

Contest 1: The New Concepts
:bulletblue: I want it to be new for the contests, the idea here is to add new spark to the fandom.
:bulletblue: It should be a concept of some sort, either draw one character in a new style you think the new show should use, or draw the whole class.  What does the modern Ms Frizzle look like? what about the kids? Do you think they should include some of the kids from the books that weren't in the TV show?  Should they build a whole new class? (for example if the kids are 8 in 2016 then their names are probably names like "Emma" and "Jacob" and "Madison"....).
:bulletblue: The class should be elementary school age. The artwork should be rated G (the TV show is aimed at kids so Ms Frizzle in a sexy outfit wouldn't be very fitting!)
:bulletblue: No dolls or creators: I want it to be your concepts, not using someone else's.

Contest 2 will be all about dolls and creators, I'll type up the details for that later.
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For those who still love the books and TV show!

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-There is a submission limit, just pick your best and spread them out.

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netflix going new MAGIC SCHOOL BUS RIDES AGAIN show with Miss Frizzle (same voice actress)  promoted to professor and her younger sister now teaching the class and driving the bus.
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