Digital painting tutorials PART_2

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Hey all! :hug:

PART_1 ! Sketching/referencing/anatomy etc.

Alright, here we go, this is part 2. You can say its about general painting, but its mostly about painting faces :P I tried to cut down a little with thumbnails :giggle:
Umm, before I forget, make sure to check this one out , Pencil-Stencil told me about it, and I found some really useful stuff there :nod: Part 3 will probably be about eyes, lips, skin and blending, and it will be up in a few days.

If you know about some tutorials that can be helpful to other artists, note me, thank you :heart:
Ppl who suggested a few tuts: Yodon, RetSamys, DonguriArt, Pencil-Stencil ty :heart:

sheppardarts ( Half Her Heart's Duet by sheppardarts) painting video:

For more visit their youtube channel:…
melaniedelon ( Hope by melaniedelon) painting video:

You can find her brushes here: youtube channel:
Charlie-Bowater Imagine FX Day of the Dead by Charlie-Bowater painting video:

For more visit imaginefx youtube channel:

General digital painting
Basic tips for beginners-PART1 by SaisonRomantique Digital Painting Tutorial Pt I by lithriel Digital Painting Tutorial Pt 2 by lithriel
Christina Process by Andantonius Digital Painting Tutorial - World of Warcraft by Andantonius Digital Painting Tutorial - Part 1 by Zhrayde
Fat Over Lean Tutorial by JohnoftheNorth Digital Painting Tutorial by Dianae
Digital Painting Tutorial - Part 2 by Zhrayde CG Realism Tut for beginners by MsMiyavi Skin Tutorial - V1 by Packwood
How to paint a portrait PartI by Calaymo How to paint a portrait PartII by Calaymo Portrait Painting Basics by Sheridan-J
:thumb362901023::thumb301003614: doodles with cypherx by cypherx
tutorial - bite me, drawing by vinegar my NOTES ON PAINTING tutorial by OlgaDrebas:thumb97001923:
Global Lighting Tutorial by Angelus-Tenebrae scarypet's rakshasa digital painting tutorial by scarypet Digital Painting Tutorial (Spirited Away) by JoJoesArt
Tutorial - Common Digital Painting Mistakes by natasha2808 Basic PS Painting Tutorial by kokaInum TUTORIAL 1: Building the Form by juuhanna
TUTORIAL 2: Adding Colors by juuhanna TUTORIAL 3: Overpainting and Finishing by juuhanna Basic Portrait Lighting by KissMyHuman
Step by Step of a Realistic Portrait (Tink) by lithriel:thumb362901023: Digital Painting Tutorial by Anako-ART
Digital face / portrait painting tutorial part 1 by me-illuminated How to paint fingernails... by Nyrak Blue Eyes Tutorial Revisited by AshenCreative
Painting step by step by leejun35 ::Tea progress:: by BikerScout Realistic portrait tutorial by nom-nom-pancake
A quick lesson on FACES by navate Painting Really Old People by Edana Some tips on shading and character + environments by Qinni
:thumb33788920: Colouring Tutorial by Omar-Dogan Tutorial: Lineart Coloring by minties
Digital Painting Tutorial by Tervola Texture and Painting Tutorial: Beginners by Shapooda:thumb127551378:

Mature Content

Digital Painting Tutorial by Andantonius
nebezial's tutorial by calisto-lynn
Tutorial - Digital Portrait by ShadCarlos Portrait / Face painting Tutorial by feavre Photoshop Painting Tutorial by Yue-Iceseal Realism Tutorial by yumix
Alicia Tutorial by ionen
And special thank you to all those artists :heart:


Contest/Commissions ad

If you are hosting a contest, or you are open for commissions, feel free to send me note about it, and I will add info here in my journal.

LoungingLemming is accepting commissions, more info here:
beng-beng-chan is hosting a Magical World Contest (1000 points), more info here
lorrainer is accepting commissions, more info here:
CathleenTarawhiti is hosting a Book cover challenge - Charlotte, more info here
Miss-Ellanius is hosting a contest, more info here

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great tutorials! thanks for including mine.
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thanks for sharing with us :worship:
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Great tutorials! 
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thanks for including my tut! keep sharing the love :hug:
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thanks for sharing with us :worship:
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These are great collections! Btw, I wonder, why there's no tutorial for coloring overweight, non-model person portrait. 
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if you find any, let me know and Ill include them
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Yay! I found a decent realistic digital painting tutorials! :squee:
Thanks for compiling and featured them to your journal entry.
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Thanks again for the compilation! :happybounce: 
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Thanks for including one of my tutorials! :D
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thanks for sharing with us :worship:
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Another one bookmarked for reference... Nice! Can't wait for part 3 xD
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Very cool and much appreciated.  Thanks for taking the time to share this valuable resource :-)
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np, hope it helps :kiss:
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oooh yay i was waiting for this :3 .... the tumblr account looks very useful as well >w< i cant wait to watch the videos
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yeah, there are a lot of stuff, I need to open tumblr acc and follow it :XD:
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been waiting for part 2, thank you =MagicnaAnavi :iconsnugplz:
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