Commission status: CLOSED

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Commission status: CLOSED

If you're interested in my work, please note me here on DeviantArt with the title "Commission request (type: headshot / bust or half body)"
Please read the guidelines below before you contact me.

Commission guidelines

• I will draw ONLY female characters ( new character designs, fanart, OC, etc. ).

• Humanoid characters only.

• My own style only. Visit my gallery to see more.

• I have the right to refuse a commission request.

• I will not draw violence, gore, hateful (i.e. racist, misogynistic, homophobic), or pornographic imagery.

• I have the right to cancel a commission due to poor communication or unreasonable demands.

• I retain distribution rights to the commissioned artwork (i.e. create prints, merchandise, etc.).

• If you want a commercial painting, please notify me as this will change pricing.

• Unless a commercial request, the Commissioner isn't allowed to re-distribute, reproduce for sale, or profit off my artwork.

• The Commissioner will not redistribute or post the full-size original image onto message boards, forums, etc.

• I work on 9000x5000px 300dpi canvas size (unless requested otherwise). You will get full size image in .PSD file at the end.

• One character per commission.

• Simple background only (visit my gallery for examples).

Payment method:

• Payments are done through Western Union (WU provisions are NOT included in the commission prices, keep in mind that they are around 10% )

• Payments will be done after I'm done with 50% of the commission (I'm not doing refund).



When sending note, please include the following info:

• Commission type (Simple portrait/bust/full-body/etc)

• Character info (name, age, personality, color-scheme, etc)

• References. (If you don't have any, that is absolutely fine, as long as you provide me with the description of your character).

• Please specify all important features that should be included in the painting! If it's not in the description, I can only draw it as I envision it which might be different from how you imagined it.

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Lonely-Kitty700's avatar
I love your work so much :D.

I would love a commission. Your main page says closed for commissions. but your journal say's open. Was wondering if you were available? :)

Fantastic work you do. I really look forward to a commission some day ;)