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Dia de los Muertos

(_MA_D.) Día de los Muertos
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Wth DA, Y U SO BLURRY? :grump: FULL VIEW PLEASE :grump:

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Your picture are BEAUTIFUL, really. Is sexy, the make-up on the character are very good and take the most popular (and actual) cosmovission of the dead, called "la catrina", on your style, of course.

The changes on the original make-up is debatable, because for one side, don't respect the original character of which comes; but on the other side, this change are very beauty and refreshing. Is ambivalent this point, but in general, don't affect your work.

Maybe the only one weak point that I find, is the flower in the chin. All the rest of the makeup is well worked, except the flower. It seems that this was the last thing that you no longer worked and gave great importance.

This little detail don't affect the quality of your work. The hair's detail, roses, jewelry and specially the face's quality design, are spectacular.