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Oceanic OCs

My Water-themed OCs dressed in lovely oceanic outfits that Lonewolf-Sparrowhawk sent to me via her
(l-r) Princess Meela, Julia Thatch (my two Atlantis: The Lost Empire OCs), Cassie (my Help I'm a Fish OC), Tiffany (my Sigmund and the Sea Monsters OC), and Chloe Star (my TUGS OC)
Meela's outfit inspiration:
Julia's outfit inspiration:
Cassie's outfit inspiration:
Tiffany's outfit inspiration:
Chloe's outfit inspiration:

Made on Azaleas Heroine Creator

Atlantis (c) Disney
Help! I'm a Fish (c) A.Film/TV2 Danmark
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters (c) Sid and Marty Krofft
Tugs (c) David Mitton/Robert D. Cardona
Meela, Julia, Cassie, Tiffany, and Chloe (c) Me
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OOhh I really like these... but I must say I like #1 the bestest! Wish I could wear something that lovely! Star Bow

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Absolutely elegant! 😍

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Think Cassie's and Chloe's Dresses are my Favorites. I Mean, ALL Of em Look Great. But Cassie an Chloe. Their Dresses Look the Most Lovely.

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They look great

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