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Chapter 18: Family (Timmy) VS Gym Leader Son Watt

    "You got this my boy!" Tim cheers for his son
    "I see, so you're his son" Son Watt notices
    "Yep, My name is Timmy." Timmy introduces
    "Then this battle will be for the badge, between sons of two great Pokemon Trainers" Son Watt says smiling
    "Like father, like son. We will give it our all in this fight" Timmy says getting pumped, "I'll start with Grovyle!" Timmy says as his starter pops out of his Pokeball
    "A Grass type huh? I'll test how strong your Grass type is, against a Steel type Pokemon" Son Watt sends out Magnezone as his lead Pokemon once again
    "Battle BEGIN!" Lusamine refs again
    "Grovyle, use Rock Smash!" Timmy orders and lands a critical, placing Magnezone in the high yellow zone and also lower its Defense stat
    "Great shot bro!" Fado cheers
    "Two children? Quite a family Tim" Son Watt says to the Champion
    "I'm his daughter too, but not related. Me and my mother are considered family to them" Lillie says as Lusamine nods
    "I see, so this is a vacation?" Son Watt asks
    "Yes, Son Watt. I wanna show my family the surroundings i've seen and people i met that helped me become the Pokemon Master i am today. Except the few times i lost to a guy named Red" Tim says scratching the back of his head after that last part
    "Anyways, continue your battle. I wanna see how this plays out" Tim says smirking, having confidence in his son
    "Sure. Sorry Timmy. Let's continue our grand battle" Son Watt apologizes, "Magnezone, use Lock On!" Son Watt orders
    "Crap, with Lock On, it's gonna be useless to dodge... Unless..." Timmy says to himself, thinking
    "What's wrong cutie?" Lillie asks her boyfriend
    "I have a plan..." Timmy says
    "Flash Cannon!" Son Watt orders
    "Hah. I knew he'd use that move" Timmy says to himself and Lillie, "Grovyle, Use Quick Attack but don't attack Magnezone!" Timmy orders as Grovyle is chased by Flash Cannon, "Jump on top of Magnezone!" Timmy orders as Grovyle does as ordered, and Magnezone hits itself, "Yes! It worked!" Timmy jumps
    "Nrgh, not bad" Son Watt compliments, "Use a barrage of Flash Cannon!"
    "Counter with Razor Leaf!" Timmy orders, Grovyle using the Razor Leaf as cover. The Flash Cannons strikes each Razor Leaf and allows Grovyle to make his move, "Use Rock Smash!" Timmy orders and lands the hit, defeating Magnezone
    "Magnezone is unable to battle, Grovyle wins!" Lusamine announces
    "Awesome job son!" Tim compliments
    "Thanks dad" Timmy turns over to his father as his pokemon gets his attention with a bright green light. It's evolving! "Huh? Grovyle?"
    "It's evolving!" Lillie exclaims pointing seconds pass and The light fades. Grovyle had evolved into Sceptile
    "Awesome Timmy! You now have a Sceptile!" Saria claps for her son
    "Wow! Sceptile... Amazing, i haven't seem any Grass type that looks so strong!" Timmy says as Sceptile gives Timmy a thumbs up, feeling ready and stronger than ever
    "I choose you, Electrode!" Son Watt sends his second Pokemon out, "Use Light Screen!" he orders as his pokemon cloaks itself in a pink gloss for 4-5 turns, halving the damage from Special Attacks
    "Good thing Razor Leaf ain't Special..." Timmy says looking at his Dex to see if Sceptile learned any new moves, "Ok... It forgot... Fury Cutter for Leaf Blade, Ok. I never really used it" Timmy says, "Use Razor Leaf!" Timmy orders as several sharp leafs aim for Electrode dealing a good chunk of damage. Electrode is in the low green zone and is also prone to getting hit with criticals
    "Electrode use Rollout!" Son Watt orders and Electrode hit Sceptile with a weak, for now, hit. Electrode continues to roll around to gain speed and power
    "Wait for it to strike again, Sceptile" Timmy orders as Electrode comes for another round, "Hit it with Rock Smash!" Sceptile punches Electrode, both pokemon striking with great and equal power. Electrode still rolling is tiring Sceptile's Rock Smash, "Mega Drain!" Timmy orders as Sceptile drains a bit of energy from Electrode to raise its HP, also slowing Electrode down, making Sceptile able to push it back. "Use your other arm to knock it back! Rock Smash!" Timmy orders and Electrode is launched back against the wall, unable to continue the battle
    "Sceptile..." Sceptile crosses his arms and shakes his head in disappointment
    "I feel ya, buddy. Wasn't that much of a challenge" Timmy agrees
    "That was only a warm up, just to see your Pokemon's full strength" Son Watt says, "Go, Ampharos!" the Gym Leader sends his star Pokemon out into battle, "Ampharos... Let's show our foes what real power is! MEGA EVOLVE!" Son Watt's Key Chain glows and Ampharos is engulfed in a pink sphere. It starts cracking until it break and a Mega Ampharos emerges, "Use Charge!" Son Watt orders. Light Screen fades away.
    "Sceptile... ALL OUT PUMMELING!" Timmy orders his Pokemon's Z-Move as he performs the pose with his Z-Ring glowing. Sceptile sends fists and kicks flying towards Mega Ampharos. Then it boosts itself into Mega Ampharos against the wall, Ampharos trying to get some air in him.
    "What if that killed him?" Son Watt questions loudly
    "Pokemon are several times more durable and sturdier than us humans, and Saiyans surprisingly" Tim says looking at his wife and daughter
    "Wait, pause... What are Saiyans?" Son Watt asks
    "Saria, Timmy, Fado... Show him" Tim requests as Saria turns into the Legendary Super Saiyan and Timmy and Fado go Super Saiyan 1, "Saiyans are just like us humans but far stronger... only a few of us have gotten to their level of strength" Tim says as Son Watt is astonished by the 3 transformations. "The formes they are in are known as Super Saiyans. They have greater power than a base forme Saiyan"
    "So like Mega Evolution?"
    "In a sense, yes. But there are more formes than a Super Saiyan. Saria, Super Saiyan 2 please?" Tim asks as Saria raises her energy and sparks fly around her, "Son... Super Saiyan 3" Timmy takes a minute to get his energy high enough and turns into a Super Saiyan 3, his hair long growing down to the bottom of his thighs
    "Wow! Amazing..." Son Watt says even more astonished
    "Alright guys, that's enough." Tim says as they revert to their base formes, "Let the battle continue" Tim requests
    "Alright" Son Watt agrees, "Ampharos, can you still move?" he asks as his pokemon walks to the field of battle, feeling better from the impact of the Z-Move, "Use Thunder Punch!" he orders and with Ampharos's electric power still boosted from the earlier Charge, Thunder Punches power was increased. Sceptile is hit in the stomach, letting out a cough of saliva
    "Sceptile!" Timmy grunts. Sceptile is in the yellow zone and paralyzed form the attack, "Great... Paralyzed... Sceptile retreat!" Timmy swaps out his injured Pokemon, "Aron, I choose you!" Timmy send his next Pokemon out, "Use Magnitude!" Timmy orders and gets a Magnitude 8. The ground shakes vigorously around the two Pokemon. Ampharos is left with 1 HP, "Darn it! If it was a Magnitude 9, it would have beat Ampharos"
    "That was surely strong for a baby Pokemon. But Ampharos will beat it with a Thunderbolt!" Son Watt orders
    "Use Protect!" Timmy orders but was to late, Aron was hit
    "AR!" Aron cries out in pain. Aron is covers in a grey light while being hit with the powerful Thunderbolt. When that attack had stopped, Aron's grey light faded, Aron wasn't Aron anymore... It evolved into Lairon, "LAIR!" Lairon lets out a mighty roar
    "What!?!" Son Watt grunts
    "Through its pain, and with its determination... It had evolved into Lairon!" Saria says
    "Incredible! Awesome Lairon!" Lillie cheers as Lairon smiles at Timmy and Lillie
    "Lairon, huh?" Timmy checks his Pokedex
    "Lairon, the Iron Armor Pokemon. Lairon tempers its steel body by drinking highly nutritious mineral spring water until it is bloated. This Pokémon makes its nest close to springs of delicious water. Lairon feeds on iron contained in rocks and water. It makes its nest on mountains where iron ore is buried. As a result, the Pokémon often clashes with humans mining the iron ore." The Dex informs
    "That's what happened with Cipher and the Aron in the Granite Cave" Timmy thinks back
    "You're right, son" Tim says
    "Ampharos, don't give up" Son Watt tells his partner
    "Use Metal Claw!"
    "Thunder Punch!" the two trainers give their orders. Both Pokemon clash attacks, but Lairon had just more strength to defeat Mega Ampharos, reverting it to its base forme
    "Ampharos is unable to battle, Lairon wins!" Lusamine announces
    "We gave it our best, Ampharos, but we still lost." Son Watt says as he retreats his Pokemon, "We would have won this matchup if Aron hadn't evolved." Son Watt starts to smirk, "Hmph, well Timmy, you definitely have your passion for battle. We Gym Leaders like to see that in their challengers"
    "You got one Pokemon left it seems, and too be honest, i rarely run into trainers who have a Stunfisk, same with the rest of my family" Timmy says as Son Watt takes his Pokeball
    "Lairon, return" Timmy retreats his Pokemon
    "A swap out before the final battle?" Lillie questions Timmy
    "We all know what he has, so i'd rather not go in with a disadvantage. So I'll use Sceptile one more time in this fight!" Timmy sends his injured and paralyzed Pokemon out
    "Stunfisk, show em what you've got!" Son Watt sends his final Pokemon out, "You're Sceptile seems a bit out of steam. Along with Paralysis, this could be your worst choice"
    "I wouldn't count on that. Sceptile?" Timmy looks at his Starter
    "Scep!" Sceptile pulls through Paralysis with sheer determination, making itself as mobile and agile as it was before, "SCEPTILE!"
    "What!" Son Watt is astonished, "... Timmy? How'd Sceptile eliminate its status condition?"
    "Through our bonds and will to keep fighting!"
    "Sceptile seems quite affectionate to you son" Tim notices and points it to his son. Sceptile looks back with a glitter in his eyes, staring at Timmy
    "Sceptile... hmph, let's take care of business and claim that Dynamo Badge as ours" Timmy fist bumps his partner, the two smiling at each other, "Sceptile use Razor Leaf!" Timmy orders as his Partner unleashes several sharp leafs heading in Stunfisk's direction
    "Discharge. Use it to get rid of the leafs" Son Watt orders and succeeds but in the flash of lightning, Sceptile disappeared, "Where'd it go?"
    "Use Dig!" Timmy orders and the attack lands a super effective hit, putting Stunfisk in the red zone, "Drats, it wasn't enough"
    "You got this Timmy!" Saria cheers
    "Go my boy!" Tim cheers beside his wife
    "Lets go, bro!" Fado cheers as well
    "Timmy! You can do this. Never give in!" Majora cheers for the son of Tim
    "GO, TIMMY!" Max and May cheer in sync
    "Alright... Let's not choke. One more hit and we win" Timmy says to himself, "Sceptile, use Quick Attack!"
    "Mud Sport!" Son Watt orders and the ground is covered in mud, making traction a lot harder. Sceptile slips up while trying to land the attack, "Use Discharge!" Son Watt orders, "We don't have any moves that'll take Sceptile out quickly, but we can try to do as much as we can" Sceptile is in  the low yellow zone from a critical hit
    "Sceptile, use Dig!" Timmy orders and Sceptile hides underground, waiting for the time to strike
    "Use Thunderbolt on the ground around the hole it dug" Son Watt orders
    "That's not gonna do any good, Sceptile most likely moved from underneath the hole" Fado says
    "There may be a plan... I'm just trying to figure that out" Tim informs his daughter
    "GO! SCEPTILE!" Timmy exclaims and lands the attack, defeating the Gym Leader
    "Stunfisk is unable to battle, Sceptile wins. This victory goes to Timmy, the challenger" Lusamine announces
    "Well... That was a close battle" Son Watt says walking up to Timmy, holding out his hand for a handshake before handing over the Dynamo Badge, "GG"
    "Yeah, good game" Timmy says, "Although, it wasn't so close. I still had a whole party left. Lairon hadn't fainted remember, i swapped for Sceptile that match"
    "Well, i mean close between Stunfisk and Sceptile. A real battle of power and defense. Here's your Dynamo Badge" Son Watt hands over to Timmy his third Hoenn Badge
    "Thank you, Son Watt" Timmy bows to the Gym Leader, "I'll be sure to use an Electric Pokemon soon on this adventurous vacation"
    "Glad to hear that. There are Electrike on the route south of Mauville, when it evolves, it is capable of Mega Evolution" Son Watt says, "I'll give you this Mega Stone. Manectite"
    "Thank you, but i don't have a Key Stone" Timmy says
    "Well... i have one in my house on the residential floor. Come by afterwards" Son Watt offers
    "Thank you very much" Timmy says hand shaking Son Watt one more time before the two heal their Pokemon with the machine behind the Gym Leader
    "Ok, is your girlfriend ready?" Son Watt asks
    "I am. I'm ready for our battle!" Lillie says with confidence. The two take their positions, striking fighting poses, with Timmy beside Lillie

continues in part 3
Current Teams:

Tim:          (F) Pikachu, (M) Pikachu(Mario), Swampert(Mega), Zoroark
Saria:        Grovyle, Surskit, Shieldon
Timmy:      Sceptile, Azumarill, Wingull, Archen, Lairon
Fado:         Combusken, Corphish, Cranidos
Lillie:         Marshtomp, (F) Kirlia, Taillow, Lileep
Lusamine:  Combusken, (M) Kirlia, Kabuto
May:          Blaziken(Mega), Beautifly, Tirtouga
Max:          Swampert(Mega), Mightyena, Omanyte
Majora:      Gengar(Mega)
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