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Windows 8.1 XP Theme All Colors v2



• New "Turn Off" button
• Inactive window color fixed
• Tab items, background and edge colors fixed.
• "Close" button color fixed.
• New "minimize", "maximize", "restore" and "help" buttons
• Clear Explorer Toolbar
• Windows 8 buttons
• New "pressed" and "hover" effects for taskbar buttons

All colors:

• Blue
• Lime
• Purple
• Taupe
• Teal
• Yellow
• Black
• Green
• Red
• Steel

To remove "Address" text in the Explorer Toolbar: Copy or move the Browselc.dll file to C:/Windows/System32

Enjoy it! :D
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used Windows 10 one cool.

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you can include the color pink? in the theme please!! 

Bro if i inastall cursor and all that stuff how can i back old stuff? Old cursor and all of that?
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I copied "Windows 8.1 v2" theme file to "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\Windows 8.1 v2\" but I no have this theme in theme settings. When I double-click in theme file I see window with theme settings and nothing more. When i want select theme manually from theme settings, system doesn't see this file. I have XP Professional SP3.

Sorry for my English. :)


OK, theme work. I installed "Windows 8 Transformation Pack 7.0 for XP" and I can now choose this theme. :D
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Wow, that's good! I hope you like it. Maybe you didn't have uxtheme patcher installed yet. The Pack fixed it. :D
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MagicMaker, The theme works with UXTHEME PATCHER?
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Yes. You need to install uxtheme to apply unofficial themes.
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Thx man! You made another theme anymore?
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No, man. This is the final version. I guess there is no more improvements to make :D
but where can i get - WINDOWS THEME FILE for windows 8.1 xp theme ??
where to find that 'standard buttons' arrows and up button resources?
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it's a "shell32.dll" file from the Windows 8 Transformation Pack 

Download it here:…
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it's available, just click on "Download" at the right side of the preview image :D
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Wow, this is by far the closest xp theme to the real Win 8's one I've seen! Btw, how can I install the sound scheme of Windows 8 in your pack? Manually?
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Yes, manually. Sorry. Thanks for your comment :D
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Hello, great theme, but I can not install it on my XP SP3, I copied the folder in Windows 8.1 v2 Resources \ Theme, and Cursor Sounds in their respective folders and I do not aparce the APPEARANCE tab, what should I do? IF you speak or understand Spanish, I appreciate your response
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Hello!! Follow the instructions:
Create a new folder with name "Windows 8.1 v2" in "C:\Resources\Theme\" and copy ONLY the "Windows 8.1 v2.msstyles" file into the new folder.

So you can select the theme in the "Appearance" tab. I hope it helps you. (:
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So I did it, but it turns out I was missing the patch that allows the change of theme
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lol hope you have fixed that (:
Nice! Would you like to make a blue-color-only version please?
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