Should I be active here again?
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Published: April 8, 2011
So I went on a really long drawing hiatus where I didn't even update the comic. I've been back to drawing lately, but I've been spending the majority of my time on FurAffinity because I've had so much luck selling commissions there X_x I don't know if it's because the community is smaller over there or what, but I've loved the people I've met so far.

Only downside is, now people think I'm a furry XD;;;

I don't just want to draw furries exclusively, though. I started drawing them because I was bored with my generic anime style and wanted to try different things...even though I just ended up drawing generic anime furries >w< ANYWAY. I'd like to start being active here again, but as I'm getting older I'm finding spare time harder and harder to come by. Maybe I can't sell many commissions here, but surely I can find some use for this gallery...

Sigh. I love the anime style and my skills are improving the more I practice, but...I kinda wish I had a more unique style. There's some art that I can look at and immediately know who drew it. Unfortunately, I don't think mine is really like that. Not to mention it's I like cute things as much as the next girl, but I'd like SOME variety T_T

Maybe I'll use this opportunity to try new styles and mediums, and that's what I'll do with this gallery.

Sorry to anyone who's noted or commented to me here. There's no way I'm going through that huge backlog in my inbox and replying to them.
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Would love to see you here more :D! I wish you the best and hope things work out well for you! =3

Follow Your Dreams And Keep Moving Forward
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D= I loved your comic.. I would love to see more of it in the future.
Also, I would love to see you come back to DA. Your art is very good!! Besides, to be stuck drawing one type of thing over and over gets horribly boring.. May even make you resent your art.. With DA at least you can upload all types of art.
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I would like to see a few things you have on your mind that fits this site to be posted here.
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I like to see you more active here too. I really to miss the comic too.

Hope to see more of your anime work.
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Jazzy-WarriorHobbyist Traditional Artist
It'd be great if you were active here! I loved your comic, and I think you have improved a lot artistically. I'd love to see you improve further here on dev!
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Haha, I admit I thought you abandoned this account. I do love your comic, and the redrawing you are slowly doing is looking fabulous.

As for going for a unique style, well... and this is of course just my opinion, but having a specific 'style' of art is so often just used as a crutch, and I see it have a limiting effect on people's art where they are just interested in drawing the same thing over and over. I don't know why you'd rather pin yourself down like that, it makes it much harder to try new things when you specifically go out to draw in a particular way every time, and you can get caught in some rather nasty habits. In my opinion, better to experiment, but YMMV, feel perfectly free to do whatever you like!

Hope to see you around DA more - actually, I came back here to pick up more commissions because I know a few fellas who make their living off'a DA commissions, so I dunno, maybe things are more active here lately? Good luck either way :3
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RPG-grenadeHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes! come back to DA... and make your comic more XD
And awww.. your style is actually unique. It's not just drawing style anyway, its also coloring style!
I don't even try to make my style unique... it just comes out that way as long as you aren't try to copy anime 100% of the time
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you have a +1 watcher in me. ^^
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yes please continue your comic!!!!!!!
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Be active. I enjoy your stuff.
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LukkiStarrProfessional Digital Artist
Trying out new things is always good.

Your comic really inspired me years ago, so don't think your efforts were in vain. :)

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I saw in my messages Deviant upload by magickitsune I thought i was reading it wrong XD its actually very weird cause I just read Fox tails last night and was wondering I wonder whatever happened to her o.O
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re-read foxtails lol i found it the year you started it XD
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derFisch95Hobbyist General Artist
I wasn't here before the hiatus, so I can only urge you to come back. ^^;
Found out about this by your comic is all. And the comic was good, so I decided to look through your stuff here, and it was awesome as well.

I don't think your style is all that generic. I could easily tell it was you who drew something and not someone else, as different artists have different styles, no matter how subtle.
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WILIZINHobbyist General Artist
Yus. Come back to DA. The gallery options are even better!
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mdizzle999872Hobbyist Writer
Wow. Haven't heard from you in a while.
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Yes please!! I miss your arts!!
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You should use this gallery! (If for nothing more then for those people who prefer to stay on one art site, DA) :D
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GirlfoxgirlStudent Writer
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