I got a question.
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Published: August 17, 2011
So I haven't been very active here lately. So....

What are llama badges and why do people keep giving them to me?
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speaking of llamas...

happy albino llama!!!
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maddag202066Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
i thanks for keeping your comic going i realy like it and cant wait for any new updates.
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blarging2000sHobbyist General Artist
And those pretty much sum up what lama badges are.
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TheDeathTicklerHobbyist General Artist
Weeeeeell lmas r like spam things u can give to others and why?CAUSE UR ART ROCK!!!!!!!!!!x33333333333333333333333333333
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TheFoxDudeHobbyist Digital Artist
It's practically just a "Here's a virtual cookie except it's a llama kthxbai."
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These are such free thingies you can spam everyone with which may make them visit your page, which will give you, at least, pageviews, or, possibly, new faves and new watchers.
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The-Clockwork-CrowProfessional Digital Artist
Llamas are just pointless 'ahcievement' things DA added recently, and there's really no other point beyond giving and recieving them from people. I often forget they exist.
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derFisch95Hobbyist General Artist
Pretty much just a little "Kudos!" or something to give to someone who deserves it. Though they have several other applications as well, that is their main purpose. Some people will send several to toher people for no reason, or just to get attention.
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Llamas are free gifts you can give people. They may be given to show appreciation for ones work, for a birthday presents, or to get gift points.
PS. I enjoy your webcomic.
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