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I've been practicing and experimenting for a long time, trying to find my own style. I think I might finally be getting close to figuring it out.

I'm very pleased with this one. There are still a lot of mistakes, but as time goes on, my art seems to get more and more presentable. I just gotta keep practicing.

The only downside to making something like this is the time it takes o.<; It took about seven hours over the course of three days. I'm SURE I could've done it much faster if I just sat down and worked, but I have a bad habit of stopping and starting.

I love drawing angel wings x3 I hate that they take so long and are difficult because of all the feathers, but I'm always happy when they turn out well.
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Sentinentcodex|Hobbyist Filmographer
I like the wings. And speaking if wings, I'm working on a story thingy and there are these people with special powers and every time they use their powers, glowing wings can be seen on their backs. wish me luck on the developement.
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MagicKitsune|Hobbyist General Artist
Good luck x3
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Sentinentcodex|Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanx yous. and good luck on your drawings X3
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Apacheburger002|Professional General Artist
Well man, I think you found your drawing style already.

Just a question though, is the drawing an Native American?
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JCharles93| Photographer
whoa...do you do draw game art for companies? i've been looking for a good artist who does wings well, (i suck at them) to use as a guild line. this is REALLY helpful ^^
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tyde07|Hobbyist Digital Artist
He reminds me of Cooro from +Anima...
Ah well, great draw!
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That's a really good one! I love the wings!
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that looks awesome!! i love the wings... and i love drawing wings. ^^ they make me happy.
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The colors all look so natural! I'm really at a loss for words!
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prahanormal1| Interface Designer
It = Good
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Firefox31Kitsune's avatar
Prettifuls! I love it!
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Wow! I think it's really nice! The detail is awersome! ;P Keep up the good work!
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PantherStar613|Hobbyist Photographer
:aww: Likes it!
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Doodlebotbop|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man, this totally ROCKS! *double thumbs up* Don't give up! I want to see you improve even more!
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LukkiStarr|Student Digital Artist
Whoo! Wings!

I like it. Awesome work. But... three days!? I wouldn't be able to be that patient... Good job.

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