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:iconmagiccatfromhell:MagicCatFromHell posted a status
So my older brother told me about something that happened in the p or n industry lately and honestly it makes me sick.
So you all may or may not know this, but men in this industry usually do these films with people outside of their sexuality. Whether they're gay, straight, or bi they'll do both.
As you also may or may not know, women have to get tested for STDs more than men for obvious reasons.
Well, this specific industry wanted a woman to do a shoot with a man who was in mostly gay films.
She wanted him to be tested for any diseases since there was a higher chance he could have had one. If he didn't have any, she would have gladly done the film
Perfectly reasonable right?
Well, apparently not because after this got out she was bullied into suicide by people in the lgbt community!
Because she didn't want a damn std!!!
I'm sorry but she was in the right to want him tested before she fucked him!

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