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Wow, it's already looking better
I hope I made the canvas big enough

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Loi Reference Sheet- Slendytubbies OC
HOOF! This took forever! Well my lil thicc child has been born! I haven't been able to type out her entire backstory but I can quickly go over the basics in this.


Name: Loi (L-oy)

Nickname: Thiccie (it's a joke. Not her canon nickname)

Birthday: March 13th, 1990

Sex: Female

Likes: She likes going around and exploring places that catch her interest. She will go to many lengths just to walk around a supposedly haunted building. Her curiosity caused her to get into many problems though. Oh yeah she also likes chocolate milk… a lot.

Dislikes: LOUD NOISES! They give her headaches really easily. And since this parts not important imma move on.

Mechanics: The flash from her camera gives her a split second to see her surroundings. She can also look at the photo itself to see what kind of area she's in. The flash from her camera can attract nearby monsters though. However she is sightly faster then most so she can get away generally quickly if she doesn't run into anything.

Basic Backstory: After the popular kids show Teletubbies suddenly went off air, Loi felt that she had to go find out just what happened. She gets into her boat (she's gone far away like this before so she has it from past experiences) and drives all the way there. The only things she brought was her camera, scarf, and some chocolate milk. The milk went bad before she even got there. You think she'd fucking learn by now. She arrives and leaves her boat on the shore while she explores. Who knows what kind of stuff she'll find here!

Her story
Chapter One-…
Chapter Two_…


If you have any questions about her feel free to ask!

Edit: I've added more stuff to the reference photo, hope it helps out.

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