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:iconmagiccatfromhell:MagicCatFromHell posted a status
Before ya read, imma just make it clear that this is about my teacher.


The school day finally ends and relief flushes over me

Stress still lays on my heavy shoulders but I get a break

I don’t want to do anything

I’ve already been overworked today

I just want a break

Is that too much to ask for?

Sleep doesn’t come easy anymore

The anxiety she causes makes it rare now

How am I supposed to function like this?

We’ve all let her know her failure of a plan

She won’t accept it and gives us more to finish

Of course we don’t manage

It’s to be expected from worthless people like us

I get ready for the day and brush my hair

As always, some of it comes out

It didn’t do that before

I do always hear that stress causes such events

I'm starting to believe it’s true

I already despised everything as it was

One of the only reasons I didn’t end everything was my friends

I liked talking to them when we had time

I never get to do that anymore

She took them from me with no worries or consideration for our wellbeing


I wish I could talk to someone about this

But the few people I trusted with my feelings were taken away

Nobody else would care

All the people that cared at all are gone

It’s just her now, and it’s driving me mad

But why should I be allowed to interact with others and be happy?

Why should I have anything to look forward to everyday?

Why should I be treated as a human being?

I’m just a slacker afterall

She said so herself


Devious Comments

Theprettypainter Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
First of all okay wow your teacher sounds like a fucking bitch- and second of all you are lOVED- You are cared for and I will always be here for you <3
MagicCatFromHell Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018
She really is a bitch- and thank you <3
Theprettypainter Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Np at all <3<3
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