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:iconmagiccatfromhell:MagicCatFromHell posted a status
"I stood there waiting for him, hearing the door opening, the bell jingling, Clyde greeting him, his nervous footsteps. It was all calculated, and I saw it unfolding perfectly in my head before any of it took place. In my head he arrives in aisle 6, his face smiling shyly when he sees me. He's doing the twitching thing, making his squeaky little noises, but he's not nervous, he's happy to see me, and he runs over, a twirl or two in there, and stops by my side, admitting how stupid and wrong he'd been in the past few days, shouting his name to the heavens (in my reverie, his name is Yaroslav) and all our memories spill back into me. I remember that I'm actually a Russian prince named Vladmir that was split from my family during the Russian Revolution, and he is my manservant, and he whisks me back to Russia where stupid people are considered illegal and everyone likes the movies I make, and it's glorious, glorious, end film, roll credits."


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