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:iconmagiccatfromhell:MagicCatFromHell posted a status
I feel dumb for having this theory about the floating kids and the deadlights but, I feel like all the kids that were floating might be alive.
Now I haven't finished the book so don't call me stupid or dumb for not getting a fact that either supports this or contrasts this please.
I have my reasoning for thinking this, so let me explain.

So, in the new It movie, when Pennywise shows Beverly the deadlights it makes float into the air and puts her in a trance. It doesn't actually kill her.
It's alot like all the missing kids floating in the air, except Beverly didn't float as high.
Pennywise shows Beverly the deadlights and puts her in this trance because she was not afraid of him.
Later in the movie we learn that
Pennywise did not kill a girl he kidnapped (I forgot her name TvT I think it started with a D) for the same reason. She wasn't afraid either. So we an assume that Pennywise will not kill someone that isn't afraid of him, right? Well, in the book, Pennywise refers to the fear as "salting the meat" and salting meat will make the meat last longer and stay more fresh. So is the reason for Pennywise making the kids fear him...making the bodies last longer?
I mean, think about It. He comes out to feed every 27 years. Could he just be getting enough kids to last as snacks for that long. It's like getting groceries, you go out and get enough food to last a certain amount of time. Pennywise is doing the same thing, but with children.
Now alot of you are probably asking "Well does that mean George is alive?" And no he isn't. I'll explain why the best I can.

In the beginning of the movie when George gets kidnapped, well his arm gets bitten off. By the time Pennywise would get him to the area of the floating children, he would have bleed out. So Pennywise would go ahead and eat him due to him already being dead.

So in conclusion, I feel like all the kids that were floating are being reserved to be eaten later, and I feel that they were still alive due to Beverly not dying when she gets put into the trance.
It's not a big theory but it's nothing but that. A theory.
So what do you guys think? Agree? Disagree?
Lets start up a discussion about it!

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