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:iconmagiccatfromhell:MagicCatFromHell posted a status
I just bleed out in the middle of my Youth Group

One of the boys picked at me for it.

But on the bright side it explains the sudden crush on Ariel Bloomer and me getting pissed off alot.....haha?

God kill me I'm hiding in the bathroom waiting for my grandma to pick me up.
Fml I'm gonna cry soon

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Theprettypainter Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
EHHHH I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS! ( once when I was like I dunno 6? I just had mcdonalds and got onto the tire swing at a park So my dad spun me wildly* and when I got off I started vomiting everywhere... I think I cried almost all night that night... )

*I begged him to
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