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      (Chapter One-  Loi- Chapter One       Loi climbed out of her boat with her camera in hand. She made sure the boat wouldn't be pulled away by the water, but not so far into the sand that it would be a hassle pushing out. Her steps left prints on the soft sand below her as she walked towards the trees. The dark grey sky lured over the forest as she headed to the Teletubbies’ headquarters. She at first felt a feeling of relaxation as she usually does while exploring places like this. The trees’ leaves flowed within melody of the breeze passing by. She came to a stop to inhale the scent of the smelt rancid. “The hell?” Loi asked herself before sniffing again. The odor seemed stronger than it did at first. A faint sound suddenly came from the distance as she took another sniff. Loi’s head shot around to see if anything was in sight. Nothing looked strange from the direction she heard the noise. She turned back around and headed to the Teletubbies’ headquarters )

      The cold air and snow surrounded the two Tubbies as they walked into the mountains. Loi covered her nose with the edge of her scarf as the flakes flew into her face. “What the hell is going on exactly?” Loi shouted through the curtain of wight in front of her.

     “I'll explain everything once we get to a safer place. Just stay quiet and we'll get out of this area with no problem.”

     They walked in silence through the snow covered trees until they heard a loud screech in the distance. Loi stopped moving forward and looked towards the direction of the sound, “What was that?!” Guardian turned around and guestored for her keep quiet. He didn't say anything before walking forward again. It didn't take long for Loi to do the same.

     Eventually, the snow and wind slowly died down as they left the mountains. Loi let out a deep sigh feeling the snow in her fur melt away, “So, where's this safer place of yours exactly?” Guardian turned around and waited for Loi to catch up, “You see those rocks over there? That's it.” Loi looked at the area and didn't say anything. It looked so unsafe and unprotected.

     “The look on your face says everything you're thinking ya know. “

     Loi snapped out of her small transe and saw Guardian talking to her. “Trust me, I didn't like this place at first either. But it's actually really safe since no infected Tubbies are in this area anymore,” Guardian reassured. “Infected Tubbies?” Loi asked. Guardian remembered that he needed to still explain what was happening there, “Oh yeah. You haven't seen any of them yet have you? It's a long story so let's go sit down at the camp first.”

     They both sat down on the ground as Guardian told Loi about all the instances that happened. He explained how the custards turned everyone that ate them into deformed monsters of their former selves. Loi could barely believe that she was hearing anything correctly, “This isn't happening. There's no way this is happening.” Guardian shrugged, “You'll get used to everything soon. It's not hard to avoid them. Just don't fight any of them head on and you'll be fine.”

     “How did my boat get destroyed though?”

     “Tinky Winky. He's the purple one.”

     Loi looked at the ground tried not to cry. It all seemed too real to be a dream, but there was no way this was even possible. “You're debating on whether or not to believe me or not aren't you?” Guardian asked.

     “Could you blame me? This is all crazy!”

     “...I have proof that this is happening if you wanna see..”

     Loi looked slightly confused by that, “Proof?” Guardian nodded, “This area wasn't always empty.” He walked towards some collapsed ruins and gestured for Loi to follow. They walked through the destroyed structures until they reached what Guardian was talking about. Loi gagged as she saw the decaying body of a yellow,mangled mass in front of her trapped underneath a collapsed pillar.

     “How is this even possible?”

     “Like I told you, the custards did this. Do you believe me now?”

     Loi continued to gaze at the body in front of her and nodded. The silence took over for a short time before Loi broke it, “...Who were they before..this?” Guardian's head lowered and his face took on a sad expression, “She was kind, playful, shy. The exact opposite of what she ended up becoming in the end.” Loi couldn't look away from the body in front of her as thoughts took over, “So, this is what the rest of them are like...huh.”

      “Kinda, except their actual threats.” Guardian didn't say another word before he started to walk away. Loi continued to stay where she was and stared at the crushed mass as if she was hypnotized. Guardian noticed she wasn't following and called back, “Hey!” Loi looked away and turned to Guardian.

     “Are you coming or not?”

     Loi walked in his direction and didn't look back at the body she left behind, “Yeah.” Guardian once again waited for Loi to catch up before he continued. The two walked back to the rocks ahead and noticed the sky was getting darker. “Huh, I had forgotten that the night existed for a bit,” Loi scoffed.

     “Don't get too excited to sleep. The ground isn't all that comfy.”

     “Well isn't that just grand.”
OH MY GOD! I didn't expect to get this out today holy fuck!
I just pulled a Scott Cawthon XD

Anyways, I wanna say thank you to everyone reading this. It means a lot that you took the time to look at my story.

Once again, big thanks to :icontheprettypainter: for editing the story and checking it for mistakes X3

Only one more chapter to go guys. Yay!
Theprettypainter Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
ytopoiuytyyuiuytg aMAZING- Im loving how this is coming out bb!
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Thank you sweetie X3
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No problem at all bb uwu
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