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Lineless and Coloring Tutorial

OOF fullview is kind of huge file size.

SO. I've had many people ask me about my approach to lineless and coloring in Photoshop. FINALLY! I've made a tutorial sort of thing! Well its like a guide tutorial. And it was a good excuse to make a nice picture of my character Roger.

The way I choose colors is the same for any style I draw in :D Including painting- I don't make a black and white underpainting (unless it was required for a class) I feel it makes my colors super dull.

I hope its somewhat helpful!
Finished Image: [link]
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Thanks for the tutorial! Really Helpful!
Viqqah's avatar
Wow thank you! It looks wonderful and it's really helpful!
strgaze's avatar
this tutorial was very fun! thanks for explaining so thoroughly! (:…
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This is really helpful, but do you know how I can make the shapes made with the lasso tool look less "pixelated" (I have Anti-aliasing activated and still looks ugh?

Thank you and have a MERRY CHWISTMAS!
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this is very useful! thank you!
can i ask you a question?
how do you make the shadows slightly blend out? like in the skull head, the shadow on it is not completely flat colour... how did you do it?
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I'm glad its helpful! :D
I use the gradient tool to make the shadows blend out like that. So either I make one part of the gradient transparent and the color of the shadow, or I just use two different colors in the gradient to make it not a flat color.
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This is really helpful, thank you!
pixarjunkie's avatar
this is fantastic!! i've been looking for something like this... thanks for making this!
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You're welcome! I'm glad it was helpful! :D
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Wow, thanks for taking the time to put this all together! This is one of the best coloring tutorials I've seen.
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Omygod, thats so cool! O_O
kellaymarie's avatar
this is an amazing tutorial :) I love how you do lineless work!
MadManxx's avatar
[link] tried this xD <333
MagicBunnyArt's avatar
ahhhh!!! It looks awesome!!! :D thanks for trying out the tutorial!
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Aaah, I've always wondered how this was done! :D Definitely want to try this out now.
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So thats how you can use the lasso tool..
Never understood what it was for. Now I can use it for art, too! Thank you!
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Very cool style, and a very original way to use those tools...
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I tried it out and it worked brilliantly. Certainly not the same flair as your stuff, but it really helped me get the look I've been after for a while.
Here's the result.
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AHHH it came out so nice!! T__T <3
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AHHHH thank you! Q__Q
nice work - thank you for sharing
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gah! I just finished a doodle I would have loved to try this on. Tomorrow for sure.
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Great tutorial! I'ma try this :D
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Very helpful, thank you.
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