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Winter Enchantment

To get a good view on the manipulation, see the following link:

Before and after version: [link]

A fantasy photomanipulation done in photoshop. Wanted to something with magic and a bit of Harry Potter influence.
The photo is not the best, but I couldn't wait to start and do some manip with it :).

  • Model: My sister.

  • Photography: Done by me.

  • Editing: Done by me.

  • No external stockphoto's

I hope you like it.
Favorites & comment are very appreciated. Thanks :D!
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hi this is old and late (should have been created March 2012) but this artwork has been featured here:…

Thank you for sharing your artwork! :thumbsup:
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Love her jacket, especially that whole futurisic-vibe that she got herself zoned-in! :la:
My kinda taste & vision, pal! :D
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Really interesting photo-manipulation ! The whole thing flows together quite well, and I really like how you slightly outlined her.
Blackrosekane89's avatar
I love this. I so want to get into fantasy photo manipulation so badly, but it just feels so daunting lol.
TheElvishDevil's avatar
I love the outlines and the combination of drawn elements mixed with the photograph. I especially really like her hand holding the wand, the blue lighting is very well done.
gangstalike's avatar
I really like how she's outlined slightly, it makes her look like a poster child on a superhero ad :3 I definitely see the Harry Potter influence too
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Oh, also if I may ask, how did you get so many views??
sylor41's avatar
Ahh, I love a good manip in the morning(well, the evening). Nice work you have here, although I would like to see the blue light affect her clothes more :).
genuks's avatar
i see now how it'll be :) looks great ,
ShaunStarrr's avatar
I like it, but the hand thats behind her head it's a little weird... i think i would like it more if it was just down... and I would like to see more clouds in the background.... BUT it's amazing art!
Lolita-Artz's avatar
very nice! you are so creative
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Wow! The before and after is amazing! :wow: I can't believe the differences, good work!
Rakaseth's avatar
Interesting mix of a more modern technological feel and magic!
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Grishhak's avatar
It's a very interesting piece. I can actually not see if it is drawn or not until I read your comment.
I have absolute no idea how you did it, but it is great! :D
MagicalViper's avatar
Thank you Grishhak!!

It's mostly done by re-doing parts with digital painting with the wacom tablet. That technique works great :D
Uberwulf's avatar
great work. i appreciated it that much more after seeing the before/after, so thanks for that.
MagicalViper's avatar
Thanks, yeah the before/after shows all the changes :D
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Like the posing :)
LightningCharm's avatar
Nice job with the wand effects! :wow:
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